Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 4

The whole Stark Suit ( Iron Man) is NOT the suit BUT the assembly processes & production data for limited mass use, which is why Im on the case with DeDe Gordon.
We're after the discs for his War Naval Suit file Only.
Stark wants those discs found & returned to any Stark office worldwide.
Finders Fee: 50M.

But back to De De: shes a natural woman, likes the Retro 60s era , dresses for 60s but uses Todays makeup, clothing colors, textures & can dress for any event & be NOT retro 60s.
DeDe is blonde & lives in Hawaii.
She surfs, swims, suns, boats au natural, likes seafood & Hawaiian culture.
But she is a agent & knows Guns & all self defense & investigative matters.

We track the castle in our Universal Exports equipped cars:
my Aston Martin Vanquish
& her Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350. (DeDe loves US Muscle cars).

We race to the castle, while overhead copter drones swoop down & start strafing the roadside & treelines with machine gun fire.
Bullets whiz past our cars & bounces off the armor body matrix.

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