Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raid on Castle Kondor/Condor, Pt 2

My story:

Maj Steve Canyon Sr, USAAF & OSS agent.
Helped estd Air ground air warfare for our forces.
aided OSS organz.
Serving with British SAS.

But back to our Mission, our Force is composed of SAS & Allied prisoners from British & US stockades in England.
So among us is our traitor.

Col Tynsdale Royal Army is Team Leader.

When Tynsdale nods, the men create a stir in the cell housing the whole unit.

German guards rush in & we escape.

We race the Comm Center to find radio damaged.

I smell perfume in the room.

I pull out my Colt 45 with silencer & cock it.

( had hidden so Germans cant find gun).

Linking some wires, I connect the radio the system & we send signal

Cutlass to Big boy
Cutlass to Big boy
Mission is ON
Finding package ON.

Big boy, Rodger
Beware Big Bad Wolf in Fold.

Finding the German armory, we grab some guns & gear.

Meanwhile the prisoners ( the Jewish ones) deface some Nazi posters & artwork near the Mess Center & Officers area.

Boy those German Jews are Mean SOBs.

Peering outside, we smoke from raids done about 50 miles away from castle.

Gyrocopters armed patrol castle base for our escape, with MG 30s.

We find the main Prison center ( which was below us about 4 floors) & find our man
Pvt Ernie Sloane ( whose dead giveaway for Ike).

We make our way & plant time bombs from the armory from our gear the Krauts seized.

Meanwhile the castle is holding some party for officers & elite.

Guests arrive by elevators to the main castle grounds.

We ID some huge vault celler unused by the Germans housing 100-900 wine cognac barrels.

We seize some guests & move them to the huge cellar,.

We lock the main door, then thier screams & pounding alert the Krauts.

We find some jet fuel truck nearby & pour jet fuel into vents into the cellar & toss grenades into vents & Run.

Germans then Open fire on us as bullets whiz around us, hitting metal, wood, sandbags.

We toss the final grenade & grab a Sd KFz Half Track with quad MG 42 unit & smash the castle gate to the airfield area.

Mortars & bullets ring our vehicle & ahead.

Soon the vault Explodes rocking the whole castle as our time bombs detonate.

We head to a hanger & find a Junkers Ju288 with ball dorsal turret & tail guns & fwd gun mount fixed under nose & force the throttles open.

We head down the runway & head into the skies & head for England or NW France.

Meanwhile Fw 190s & Me 262s pursue us from the airfield as AA fire rips the sky around us.

We fight for survival in this Ju288, then our luck changes, out from above come some P38s from the B35 squadron above & shoot down the pursuing Fw190s & Me 262s.
The P38s have all cannon nose guns vs the machine guns.

We look back as the castle complex explodes sending a plume 100 miles high.

Thus ends Mission Victory Slam.

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