Saturday, April 17, 2010

ThunderWolf Pt 5/ Finale

We board a yacht & head north to Mazatlan area.
Locals tell of a strange organic weird copter in the area in some cavern hanger, Thats ThunderWolf.
(Her shape is Organic Aero Stealth shape using the body for lifting & fwd thrust.
Her controls allow any one to fly her since she uses FBW-Fly By Wire.
She has 2 seat mounted joysticks for controlling.
NO collective or collective built into joysticks & has rudder pedals for NOTAR rear thrust.
She sits low to the ground for maint by crews but can raise body for IE floods, mud etc since she would be serviced in the field.
Her main weapons are: Hellfire missile, Stinger, 30mm cannon, Minigun & M60 MG.
& EW array).

Thunderwolf is controlled by rear NOTAR vanes & main rotor hub & in body duct vans to reroute engine heat for thrust after cooling.

From the yacht, we board our Zodiaks to the beach for some au natural fun to lure away sentries.
Then getting dressed, we head again into the jungle.
A Mexican unit joins us as it rigs 10 Ziplines into the jungle.
DeDe is now fully recovered (some pain from beating exisits) but is in the fight, she buries her senorita garb for fatigues & halter top & her Colt Python Magnum 357 & AR 15.

Using ziplines we move faster in the junglespaces.

Soon we arrive at "local tequila distillary" which is a cover for the cartel.
It makes true tequila & sales are worldwide BUT also produces:
& fake 100.00 US bills.

Rigging camp we alert Rambo Force.

Our Video phone gives the OK to strike from Wash DC.

Recover Thunderwolf or Destroy.

We circle the "distillary" & rig timed charges & head to the hidden Meth lab.

Local hookers come into the area & everyone gets naked at the river & drinking is assumed.

We move into the main hidden cave housing ThunderWolf, showing some scars & leaking oil or some lubricant.

Our pilot Capt Maverick checks our the bird.

You, see Thunderwolf can be a Combat copter & or Combat Cargo copter.
She has rear cabin for 4 persons plus her 2 man flight crew.

We load the weapons from nearby & Maverick checks the insturments etc.

Overhead a Rambo Force Apache gunship is ready for Escort out to the AZ border & home.

Our charges go off & the local gang is TOO drunk to fight back, thanks to mixing some knock out drug in local liquor supply thanks to DeDes fine intel work.

We head the ThunderWolf into the clearing & take off as ground based rockets clear the treeline.

We race down a mini runway & over a cliff before her main engine kicks in.

Maverick calls the RF Apache: ThunderWolf is Homeward Bound.

RF Apache says " acknowledged".

In our escape out, we overfly more narco camps & some huge estate, & we dive low & strake the estate & narco camps with cannon & rocket fire.

Huge explosives rock the jungle scape.

We head north & east to Tombstone AZ.

We land at Apache Wells Indian Reservation which the US Army leases from the tribe for Income & jobs for the reservation.

ThunderWolf then takes truck to its Grand Canyon hidden base with Capt Maverick.

Meanwhile DeDe & I explore the Grand Canyon & sample AZ Mex fare for dinner, a sauna,
some dancing & next day a huge AZ BBQ lunch.

End Mission File, ThunderWolf.

Agent Cody West & DeDe Gordon.

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