Thursday, April 8, 2010

Operation War of the Worlds, Pt 1/ Saucers of Navarone

(Disclaimer: WW2 Tech that could have been, possible, conceptual, all else real settings, locales but fictional charcters.)
Source info basic: Hitler's Flying Saucers by Henry Stevens, AUP &
Man Made UFOs: 1944-1994 by Renato  Vesco & David Childress, AUP

Op War of the Worlds in essense is to Seize a Nazi Manned UFO.

Some years back the Nazis seized some aliens & used thier technology to build Manned Flying Saucers.

& along with the V1, V2 missiles & then supersonic V1 missiles & Amerikabomber, we have our work cut out.

Im Maj Steve  Canyon USAAF OSS, Tech Investigator.

A rep from Dr Townsend Brown explains how saucers work & his Team will join uis in the raid.

We dubb this the SaucerRaid.

We examine the reams of tech data on flying saucers, Foofighters, etc since the dawn of time.

The saucer we seek is the Haanebu 2 type.

Now the problems begin:

Find base.

Find said saucer or backup type for Allied Forces

seize said saucer & then fly to UK or Canada.

& dont disturb the Krauts doing it,.

Most saucer work is a Peenemunde, but due to Allied bombing by RAF Lancasters & B35 Flying Wings & B29s, the Germans moved some projects to Norway & or Austria.

Our Team is US, British, German Jews, Czechs, Poles, Aussies.

Year: 1943.

B29s pound Tokyo & Berlin.

Now to find this hidden UFO base.

The Game is ON

But now Intel shows off events in the islands of So Greece.

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