Thursday, April 15, 2010

To Steal the Stark Suit, Finale

Bullets rake our cars & DeDe pulls in front & using the cars electromorphingcolor system changes color as she emits radar deterring smoke & meanwhile I say to my car " autoevade engage", car than acknowledges & I use the cetner console & mini joymouse to fire the trunk missiles & the drones go down.
Meanwhile, high overhead Rambo Force copters oversee our route.

We arrive at Castle Dracula, Romania to find the silent humming cybercenter & using my keyfob Flash drive download the stolen suit plans.

Soon terrorists rush the room & gunfiire erupts.
Bullets rake the room, blowing up those computers & servers thus ending the Suit auction.

Rambo Force lead units arrive & secure the castle & we depart in our riddled cars to Venice Italy & Home.

Rambo Force is a elite globalwide roving security merc force formed by LT John Rambo after his years in SE Asia & since he came home to AZ.

We board a WASP cargo sub bound for the US from Venice Italy.

WASP subs arent like std subs but more semi organic style with retractable 180 arc Flying bridge for surface use & shark like main hull.

Avg speed is 80 knots.

Arriving in New London CT, we spend time with DeDes aunt in Gettysburg PA.

Then we board commercial jet to her home in Oahu Hawaii.

We arrive & I rent my Nissan GT-R & head to her home.

(Back to DeDe, shes a true Orig:
Retro 60s
Past staffer to the Hawaii 5-0 Unit under LT McGarrett
surfer, boater, has Internet skills, donates to charity,
Pro gun, pro defense, pro family, au natural & all natural,
single, )

Thats my DeDe.

Close Mission File on the Stark Suit.

Agent Cody West.


Tony Stark & Bruce Wayne & Richard Branson sign a pact for future ventures today in Seville Spain.

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