Monday, May 31, 2010

Op War of the Worlds/ Saucer of Navarrone Finale

We escape the overhead patrol & head to the Greek village nearest the base (very well hidden with camo, landscaping, etc) Very hard to see from the air save low level.
Our last night & we make merry with the villagers on the beach, swimming, sunning, cigars, wine, love.
Next day we head to the base.
In the PM hours, we climb ropes to the base topside main bunkers.
MG ports &  cannon ports ring the outerside rock facing.
Soon we spy the Main Saucer Hanger that was the Main Battery for the Guns on the Island.
Catapults fling the saucers into the seaskyspace for flight.
But then SS units rake our Team with gunfire.
Damn IT, who knows about US being here.
(we have a Mole).

We escape the gunfire & are on the main base area.

The rectangular saucer hanger is very visible as are other odd devices outside.
Soon, we hear of a Recon Mosquito overhead & the soldiers erect  & aim some like radar dish up to the plane & a slim beam emits from the device & the Mosquito explodes.
Soon the SS agains open fire on US & my date this Greek Croatian woman comes out with the Nazis.
(so shes the mole).
I grab a Mauser sniper rifle from a dead German & steady the scope & Bang, shes dead.
More gunfire erupts.

Our team ( those alive) plant bombs in key areas : Huts, barracks, depots, on wierd flying wing V3 bombs,
missiles, & crystaline modules.
But Dr Quest urges we get Plans, specimens to bring to the US & we break out finding said plans, documents, etc even mini models & package them.
With the commotion, we head to the Main hanger.
Inside we see 2 Hannebuel saucers rigged for flight.
We shoot out with the guards & board the craft, the other Team takes the Tech docs to the Greek fishing boat & we meet back in Gibralter after the mission.

Inside the craft, we don the seat belts & strap in for flight as Dr Quest handles the controls.
Hitting a switch, the Hanger doors Open.
Suddenely, everyone feels weightless as we lift from the cradle & are launched into the skies.

On crude TV scanner, we the team in the Greek fishing boat heading to a S Boat to head to Spain via a RN sub.

But then a whole sqdn of German Flying wing fighters rise up to shoot us down.
The saucers force sheld shields us from bullets.
Dr Quest fires up the Tiger tank underside turret & fires some rounds & the fighters disperse.

Our speed: 800-1,200 mph.
The radio crackles, its homebase & we decend.

Our hideout is a remote Midlands castle in central England far from V2 strikes.
We decend into a huge cavernous hanger pit.
Mission Accomplished.

We rendevous in Gibralter & find out some of those Tech docs & parts of the saucer are to be used in these future projects:
TicToc Time Tunnel
Jupiter 2 Manned Space Colonization
Subshuttle train, some subway
Other manned saucers
Time & Space dimensional travel
Deep Space manned missions.

Later we hear of a Area 51 base opening up.

End Report

Major Steve Canyon USAF, TAC, Air Force Office of Intelligence.
Date 1963.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Herculite Affair, Pt 2

The sub goes to GQ & everyone goes to Battle Stations.
The torpedo crews are ready, orders call to load tubes with fish.
Suddenley the sub rocks to Port as water pours into the port Torpedo room.
The sub rocks to port & noses down, the crews grabs onto anything to Hold onto.
Plates etc fall to the decks as we dive at near 72 angle.
Crane orders back pressure to the fwd hull sections.
The FS hanger is drained dry to force water back into the sub.
Opening key valves force water to the Stbd side & sub readies itself.
We head to the surface, sonar scanning for objects above & we rocket out at a 90 deg angle & crash to the seasurface using the proven Emergency blow method.
Overhead Navy copters scan the sub hull etc for visible damage.

We limp back to NIMR Hqs.

Back in port, we examine the Port Torepdo Room, totally wasted & 10 men killed by the water pressure alone.
In the debris, we find faulty Herculite is the cause.

Yard workers close off Nelson for classified  repairs on hull surfaces & internal equip.

Scanning documents at my lodge at Port Nelson the unofficial name for NIMR I find a Malay Mess Tech brought in the faulty Herculite & planted it around the torpedo room launch tubes.

Its Holy Jihad against the West & Radical Islam will use our own Tech to bring US down.

But the Nelsons whole mess crew is Malay, Yemani, Filipino, Korean.

Odd I smell smoke & I dont smoke & its not cigars.

I dash outside & the lodge cabin Blows UP.

Fire teams race to the lodge cabin in flames, & Im shaken.

NIMR security consults with me about act.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Herculite Affair

Being summoned to a major meeting, I board my Ferrari Halo Interscepter & dock to the Jetcopter mate module & commence my flight to No LA CA area- Santa Barbara

I fly over the PCH1 & rural farmlands to the meeting site. I ask why Here, Nice but why here.
Soon other jetcopters fly with me to same locale.
We land & I detach from my Jetcopter module.
Limosuines appear & I cant drive my own car into the meeting.
Im agent Cody West.
We board the streach limos & head out.
Im the limos we have a TV briefing about NIMR:
We're told about a rash of break ins, strange cars in the area, locks unlocked, strangers roaming around NIMR Hqs, & the Main science lab broken into.

We stop at a Hwy overpass & above us some painter paints a delta shape on the roof.
We head out.
We drive miles north & east into the area around Santa Barbara.
Suddenley black gunships appear & commence strafing our convoy.
Rear Adm Crane grabs his 45 Colt & I my Glock commence firing back.
Our motorcade escort is hit.
Our drivers commence Evasive action.
Bullets zing the car & the hills.

Luckily Thunderwolf swoops down & opens fire on the black gunships, shooting one down.

We arrive at some estate area.

We head to the bar to drink to release the strafing incident & head to meeting.

On the main Video, we hear from the kin from late Adm Nelson.
At this meeting among us are:
Reps for
Bill Gates
Richard Branson
Wayne Adv Systems Industries
Stark Industries
Northrop Grumman- built Harriman Nelson
Chief Naval Ops
Costeau Soceity
Shipyard IndAssoc
Eco groups miscl.

But anyone can do the sabotage at NIMR.

On a huge HD TV, we the see the effects of 'corrupt' Herculite:

A CG sub dives to X depth & beings to vaprorize into the depths since some virus "eats" the Herculite.

Our Mission:
Find the mole, save the formula & return to NIMR Vaults.

Our meeting ends & we leave peacefully.

My Limo takes me to the new SSRN Harriman Nelson sub.

Undergoing sea trials, I board with extra security.

Capt Sean Crane tells me that the Nelson has 'posotive' Herculite IE undamaged Herculite.

We had out to Sea.

I gaze into & out  the massive O Nose bow fwd as we head into the seascape.

We dive & I see our old LA class escort sub to our Pt side.

Above  is a Spruance class DD for surface recon.

But as we dive, unknown to us, some faulty Herculite was used to fix some leak in the pt Torpedo Room.

The formula has the correct data for posotive Herculite.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

SHADO Command

SHADO Command is this Organz: Supreme Hqs Alien Defense Organz Command.

Its Mission: Defend Earth from hostile alien forces.

Below its Inventory:

o Airborne Laser platforms IE 747,757,777, Airbus 380.
o Lunar Base Intercepter Force.
o Skydiver mobile Submarine Fleet: launch intercepters into skies
o Drone roving armed Mobile units.
o VSTOL drone fighter jets.
o sidearms miscl equip.
o Fixed ground Laser units.
o Missile batteries mobile & fixed.
o Lunar Base
o Orbital Intercept & Tracking System: Space Intercepter Drone (SID).
o miscl support vehicles, planes, etc.
o worldwide Rapid Response Strike Force

SHADO Hqs are worldwide but hidden here:

CO Spring CO
Andes, Peru
Alps France, Italy
No UK, Scotland.
No Africa

SHADO has a Intelligence Service as well.
 The Intelligence service is called Shades- Supreme Hqs Alien Detection Services.

SHADO support bases are hidden or co concealed here:
Groton CT
Hong Kong

The Lunar base hoses ASL: Alien Studies Lab to counter aliens.
The Lunar base has these features:
o Hqs Module
o Barracks Module
o Command Post
o Service Bays
o Launch Bays
o Comm array
o PV Solar Field for Power
o Tracking array
o Cargo modules
o EV ports for lunarwalks.
o Cargo shuttle bay area for 3 shuttles.
o Astronomical studies Center

ALL underground save surface acess ports, sensors & landing docks.

Above the Lunar base is a Orbital Lunar Support Facility for added aid.

Timeline: 2015.

Companies etc in involved:

Stark Industries
Wayne Fdn ( Bruce Wayne)
Daily Sentinel ( Green Hornet).
Dr Richards ( Fantastic 4)
Dr Benton Quest
Area 51 NV area biz.

Front companies for SHADO & support organz:

"Counter Alien Task Force Fdn.
Free Earth Grp.
Hybrid Advanced Technologies Inc.
Space Defense Dev Grp.
Lunar Dev Corp.
NewSpace Fund.
War Of the Worlds Fdn ( think tank).
Deep Space Resources Dev.
Alien Tech Task Force."
For hiring, PR, finances.

The Lunar Base is supported by modified Flying Wing mother jets that carry Cargo shuttles to the Earth Orbiting SID to connect to a Lunar Cargo shuttle to the Moon.

SID Features:
Deepspace Tracking array
Laser nodes
Comm array
Solar array
Lunar shuttle dock module for 4 shuttles.
Winged shuttle Dock Pod
Earth scanning modules.
thruster nodes.
Orbital Intercepter units: 20.

SHADOC has these subcommands:

Lunar Cargo
SkyDiver Support
Intl Relations to use host countries for activities
Earth Defenses
Alien Tech Transfer Studies
Manned Space Systems.
Weapons R&D.
Rapid Force Strike Command

SHADOC as this nickname SHADoc.

SHAOC uses ISS as a Tracking array & Temp Hub.

The Rapid Force Strike Command is the Infantry arm of SHADOC with
Body armor
Pulse Guns
Laser rifles?
adv combo assult rifles IE M4 & grenade launcher. etc.
heavy caliber ammo used
Army Land Warrior systems adopted.

True globalwide mobile Infantry force by Air, Sea & Outer Space.

The Skydiver subs have dual modes: carry & launch Skydiver strike fighters worldwide & armed with Missile Bay aft for defense & Earth defense with Mach 8 missiles aboard & ground to air missiles.
ALL subs.
Plus fwd torpedo room.

SHADOC seeds arise from the WW2 Saucer of Navarone raid

Friday, May 14, 2010

Posideon/Trident Pvt Club Concept Business Concept

The Posideon/Trident Pvt club is a Business Club niche devoted to the Oceans worldwide-
the role models are the CA Club of Dwtn LA & the Johnathan Club.
Both Member paid Pvt Business clubs.

Its like that in that Members pay dues to Join, otherwise the Posideon/Trident Business Clubs offer these for Members & Guests:

o WiFi
o Wii
o Gym
o Sauna/Spa/ swimming pool plunge
o Clothing Opt area for Sauna & Pool
o Co Ed use.
o Meeting Rooms.
o Offices
o Legal Center
o Copier Fax Center.
o Currency Exchange
o Exhibits on Main floor
o Dining Rooms-4.
o Cigar lounge.
o Patio & swimming pool?
o Finances Center.
o HD Panel TVs in Meeting & dining Rooms.
o World Oceans Map 3D model display
o miscl sub & ship models (copies for sale in store)
o Store.
o Rum Bar.
o Co Ed showers & Gym acess.
Theme is Nautical, Maritime, Oceania.

To join members must have a Business, group relating to the Seas IE
Princess Cruise Lines
Hawaii Tourism
Caribbean Tourism
Fountain speedboats
NG Electric Boat Div

Can be vendors, suppliers, developers, researchers, yachtsmen, divers etc.

Members pay annual fees & then discount for Dining use ONLY with X# guests.
Or pay higher rates for Group Use of club or X rooms.

Unlike CA Club which is in CA only, the Posideon/Trident Bus clubs would have these locales:

Newport Beach CA
Marin Cty CA
Hilo HI
Kona HI
Cabo San Lucas Baja Mex
Cancun Mex
Groton CT
Bangor ME
Honolulu HI.

& all clubs interface daily on events etc.

NO clubs do that now.

Clubs combine these:

Pvt Business Club
Yacht Club
Diving Group
Chamb Commerce in One BUT devoted to the Seas.

Below member benefits for Membership:

Cruise Line discounts
Yacht charters
Rental car reduced rates
Scuba diving training lessons.
Pvt Villas worldwide acess.
Deep sea fishing
Bus Plan dev.
Dining in clubs.
Club acess worldwide.
sailing lessons & surfing.
Hotel & Resort rates reduced.

Even CA Club cant do these above.

Sample projects the Posideon/Trident can co fund:

SSRN Harriman Nelson sub
Next Gen Mini Subs
New diving gear
Aquaculture farming
New resorts?
Sub Rescue
Eco projects.
Mining Oceans
Undersea manned labs, posts?

The clubs would be built from Idle office space If possible facing seaside or near the sea.
NO HI Rise towers, save palm tree height or less.
Or reuse other Idle acerage for Club site.
Install Internet, plumbing etc but use estd acerage.
Or someone donates acerage for Club X.
IE Club Med venue someplace?

& the Club menu offers:

Worldwide Seafood dishes
some meat, chicken.
Baja fish tacos
Cajun Gumbo
HI mahi mahi
ME lobster etc.

Sample meeting room names:
Irwin Allen
Harriman Nelson
Zhung He
Capt Cook
Coral Sea
Bismarck Sea

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Op War of the Worlds Pt 2/ Saucer of Navarone

We head to Gibralter UK base & board a Flying boat to Cairo via Morocco & Tunisia into Egypt.
We spend 2 days in Cairo for R&R, this is before the Battle of the Bulge begins
Later, we board a modified British sub the HMS Surprise under Capt Aubrey Hornblower, & what makes this sub unique is the Type XX1 sail merged onto the hull.
The Type XX1 is Germanys newest U Boat type.
We have our meeting in a bunker in Cairo:
Mission: Find & Recover a manned Nazi flying saucer & take craft to the US.

We board the sub & head to the Greek islands, among thousands.

We head to Navarone & scan the island for activity.

Since the prior Commando team blew up those immense guns, the Germans retook the island & turned the then gun port bunker into a hanger for Xtreme Luftwauffe aircraft.
Greek resistence tells us about how the whole Island is rearmed since the Navarone raid of Jan 1942.
This is Dec 1944.

In the wardroom, we examine maps & photos of the island base, its huge:

Reinstalled AA guns & radar
New airfield
Expanded bunker into ex main Gun bunker area.
Dome camoflouged hangers
miscl hangers.
Tiger tank SS unit
S Boats
& ringed by minefield.
2 runways.
Labor camp
3 villages for support logistics from Greeks etc.
SS Jail
U Boat pen for 3 subs.
& we also spy Horten flying wing fighters & medium bombers amid Fw 190s, Me 262s,
BF 109, Ju88, Ju52, V1 missiles, autogyro copters, miscl planes& then those huge disc shaped vehicles- the Prize.

We arrive at host Island, about 100 miles from Navarone target, & we swim from sub to the host Island.

On the beach, we meet Greek resistence fighters & we have 1 week to 'blend in'.

I & some Greek Croat girl swim nude in the ocean away from the village & explore old Greek ruins near the seaside & as do the other men & native women as cover.

We don Greek clothing & hide our weapons: Grease guns, MP40 machine pistols, MP44 assult rifle, Sten submachine gun, Tanker BAR, carbine, Mauser rifle with scope, grenades, tear gas.

We examine the saucer plans for Entry into said craft for Escape.

Our team will fly the saucer away & OR the other team will escape by Greek fishing boat to Island.

Dec 16th, we board our fishing craft to Navarone since the island supports the garrison with food & supplies, we blend into the local scenery.

Meanwhile the Germans blitz our boys in Bastogne this day in Northern Europe.

The UFO pilot is Dr Benton Quest, who helped plan saucer pre Nazi takeover.

The Germans resupplied Island with plant to build 2,3 saucers via convoys from Venice & Yugoslavia & So Italy pre Allied takeover into the island.

Locals tell of huge Flying Boats & cargo convoys heading to Island after initial raid blew the guns.

We pass German customs into the island & head to a village before the main raid.

Next day, we scour the base to find the saucer hanger/s & the saucers.

But then a Me110 strafes us & we dive for cover.

Bullets whiz off the rocks, sand.

Damn it, Who knew we were Here?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Voyage to Atlantis 2, Raid on Atlantis Finale

The sub is rocked by these organic errie stingray style subs emitting sonic beams.
Seaview fires her torpedoes & disrupts the alien subs.

But why strike here when are just nearing Greenland?

We scan videos of those subs & then scan old fuzzy pics from the USS Blueshark & both subs are the same.
Anchient Atlantian subs sailing Today, source of those Unidentified Submerged  Objects from years past?

In the Wardroom, we get Flash message that World Securities Corp is underwriting case for donor X to make sure we find those 'crystals'.

The flash includes we surface for a passenger, & we break into a icefield & above us a ducted  rotory
Thunderwolf lowers our guest to the aft hatch, the wind howls in this Arctic weather.

Our guest reveals himself to be World Securities Probe agent Nick Bianco.

Seaview resubmerges & heads south at 90 knots speed, grazing icefloes above.

Meanwhile the British & US Navy & WASP forces set up a Task Force to aid our mission.

Soon we get into our routine aboard Seaview.

The whole sub crew is Multiethnic but all ex submariners: Russians, Chinese, Germans, British, Thai,
Aussies, Indians E, Malay, Canadaians, Italians on our sub.

The updated SOUSS array picks up odd sonar signals from our search area.

We sail into Miami Harbor for final shore resupply & meeting.

Crowds & boats, etc line our entry to Miami Harbor as they did in Santa Barbara.

Overhead drone Helopods scout for security for Miami PD.

My mission is with Nick to guard those 'crystal/s' back to the US or UK.

I check the Seaviews armory & notice the assult rifles, grenades, pistols & ammo & other exotic weapons stored.

We smoke Cuban cigars in the O Nose as we leave port again for the open Ocean.

About 300 miles out, I & Nick & Flying Sub Tech First class Aubrey board the next gen Flying Sub to scout the area while the Seaview remains behind until needed.

Aubrey is the great X10 grandson to Cpt Aubrey & the HMS Suprise fom the Napoleonic wars.

We board the Flying Sub & ready for Launch, the lower midships hatch opens & we decend.
Aubrey engages the main engines & we race to the surface.
I look at the Seaview vanish from our aft camera on the Fwd Video panel HD TV.

"Seaview to FS3 Comm Check" we hear
Aubrey replies, "FS3 to Mother All Clear"

Unlike prior Flying Subs, we hit the surface & the sub automaticlly lowers its hydroplanes & we hydroplane across the surface at 95 mph.
Using SOUSS & satellites we plot our course over the depths.

Soon, sonar shows a signal & we decend, Aubrey pushes the joysticks fwd & we decend from Surface Speed Mode to Submergence mode.
We gaze a 180 arc fwd from the fwd viewplate & from midships & aft CCTV nodes.

We dive, deeper & deeper.

We suddenly find the USS Blueshark, riddled by some force, a wreck sunk since 1943.
Nearby the escort DE a total wreck.
& amid other ghostly hulks from eons past.

Suddenly we're trapped by a giant squid & taken into a huge undersea tunnel.

We surface amid a sunken Atlantis cityscape under the sea.

The Atlantians are hybrid race mixed with Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, Chinese, native Indian in one.
Women wear sarongs & bikinis, men wear chest plates & swimsuit briefs.
Near nudity is the game here.
Meanwhile, we're taken prisoner & find the earlier spy team from 1943 alive with the USS Blueshark crew.
Amazon women guard male prisoners.
We're stripped & wear swimwear briefs, ( Oh if DeDe saw me now).

Above us is that jungle island we enter via volcano chamber via many cavern tubes.
But the Atlantians have a crystal device to 'timeshift' the island from sight.

1000 mine the 'crystals' for the Atlantians.
We mine with picks, shovels, axes, fast moving hand drills & then early Chinese style explosives & tunelling rockets.
Atlantian timeline is 400 BC era.
At anytime we can get punished & daily jungle sex is the norm to keep the Amazon race strong.

Atlantian engineers pour over FS3.

Meanwhile Seaview picks up the FS3 GPS signal.

The Task Force Power Crystal follows suit above & 400 miles away from Seaview.

The island begins to quake & spew ash.
The Atlantians lost thier "timeshift" device & the Island is Fixed visible.
Drones overhead scour the island, sending data worldwide.

We knock out some guards & head to the FS3 taking some prisoners with us.
I grab a Uzi machine pistol & mow down some Amazons as we enter the FS3.
I toss a M14, M16 & M1 carbine out to the prisoners who begin to fire.
Explosions rock the huge cavern space & city.

We seal the hatch & dive, luckily the Atlantians just scanned but did NO damage to FS3.

Spears & explosive tipped spears hit the hull.

Amazons board those organic stingray subs & begin chase.

I spy some shaft & about 200 crystals natural rising to the seabed, I alert Aubrey, who decends & grabs a crystal with the FS3 fwd bow claw device & places crystal in underside hold.
The crystal weighs about 20 lbs.

Crystals appear all over the seabed amid 2K years of shipwrecks & ghosts leading to main shaft in Island core.

Rocket torpedoes hit FS3 from those subs & we fire back mini Subrocs.

WASP sub Stingray 9 dives & splits the chasers firing 180 arc spread at our foe.

Overhead planes drop torpedoes & mines seeeking those subs,

We finally see Seaview & redock.

Back aboard, we found out that we were gone for 15 years but felt like 15 hours.
That Atlantian timeshift device did effect everyone on the Island in subtle ways.
It made the chronometers off on all ships & subs.

From our scanning vidscope, we see the whole Island explode & sink into the Cayman Trench.

We have our crystal & stories behind its use & abuse.

Im given a honory NIMR Uniform for service & plaque.

World Securities & my agency now have formed an alliance.

Dr Benton Quest estds the Quest Marine Labs Fdn in Santa Barbara  aside his home in Key West.

End Mission.

Voyage to Atlantis/Raid on Atlantis Pt 3

(homage to TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea et al)

Timeline: Current.

I drive to NIMR UC Santa Barbara Hqs to board the new rebuilt SSRN Seaview for our voyage to the Bermuda Trinagle.
Im agent Cody West.
I arrive in my Nissan Halo Interscepter GT-R model to NIMR Main gate near UC Santa Barbara CA campus. For Halo Interscepter: (

A Jeep escorts me to the main NIMR Hqs center & I take a elevator down 800 ft into solid rock.
I step out onto the foyer of the Underground NIMR Center & enter the guarded door.
In the meeting room I see:
Tony Stark, Dr Benton Quest, Dr Rich Richards, Pickens from TX, Richard Branson,
one of the Costeau sons from Jacques Yves Costeau &  Flag Adm Nelson & Rear Adm Crane.

Our topic: the Atlantian crystals & one missing US sub from WW2- USS Blueshark.

The meeting room has vista viewports into the main Yard pens & I see the newly rebuilt Seaview getting supplies & equip for this voyage.
The Protetus sub from CMDF is lowered into the sub hull for use.
The shore crew scurries to prep the sub for leaving.

Back to the meeting, the sponsors: Tony Stark, Dr Richards, Dr Quest want those crystals for power use & for communications.
But evil forces want those crystals for pure warfare use.

We plot our mission: Head north to Alaska via Dutch Harbor ∧ into the Arctic, then head south to the Caribbean & the last known position of Blueshark.

I head to the Vidphone &and I say bye to DeDe.

Hours, past & soon we board  Seaview.

The Seaview has these features:

800 ft long X 700 ft wide
retains the O Nose fwd but total hull redesign aft.
Fiber optic periscope tubes
HD TV panels
ROV Sub Control Room
Main Lab deck.
automated Mn Eng spaces with N plant & fuel cells.
ext hull sensors
midships fwd torpedo room aft of O Nose.
Aft torpedo room
Missile Room
Crews qtrs
Officers Country & Guest cabins for 20
MiniSubs, submersibles in aft Well deck
quad hydrojetscrews aft & fwd bow thruster for in port use.
upper deck crane & winch aft
Hydroponics Farm deck
Internal CCTV array
dble hull modified from Russian specs.
VA class main sail but 2X size.
missile room has 4 missile tubes & 2 diver airlock tubes.
keel hatch for diver acess.
3D sonar mapping array.
cuisine from ex cruise line chef & crew in the Mess Deck.
VIP cabin for 4.

As we leave the underground sub pen, yachts & boats line the route as we exit blowing horns & sirens, & waving as we leave.
The Seaview is part Navy & part world science lab in one.
Rear Adm Crane is the CO.
SeaView is under the Navy for defense & NUMA/NOAA for studies at sea with other marine research ins worldwide.
Weapons are Last resort use type.

In the O Nose, we hear of some odd events in the "Bermuda Triangle", some Island emerged from some Time mist & some joyriding plane took photos of near nude women & men being hunted by 'monsters'.

Once clear of the harbor, we dive, the hull vibrates as we pickup speed diving to 700 ft.

Life aboard Seaview is unique, first sub to OK women for the Sciences Team.
First combined sub thats a Naval platform & Marine lab.
& can the sail globe 100X.

US Navy escort VA class SSN subs follow Seaview as we head into the Arctic.
NOAA NUMA & NSF satellites send data to Seaview from space direct while submerged.

Her other ammenities , Seaview offers:

Sauna Rooms
Hot Tubs
mini swimming pool- borrowed from the Soviet Trident sub FBM.
Sunning room for Vit D.
Complete mess deck with DVDs, HD TV player.
Wii, WiFi.

We surface for Final Fix & line up beacons for under Ice transit, we chose this route as the Canal Zone had TOO much traffic & security issues.

Rear Adm Crane orders Dive & we submerge, his XO is a ex Russian sub skipper Vlad.

Soon we enter the icepack & the O Nose viewports now are unsealed from the shields & we gaze into the icefloes above.
The O Nose viewports were sealed until we got underway & clear of the harbor traffic.

Meanwhile sonar picks up odd signals this far north & its not any US sub etc.

Using a 3D Imager, we see our route in 3D in the O Nose Lounge/Fwd Console area.
Our speed is 89 knots.

For our sonar tests, we plotted Japanese ships & subs sunk near Dutch Harbor, June 1942 to make sure the sonar is good.

COB Sharkey meets us in the Main officers wardroom as the meal is served.

The control room is the same in the old std Seaview with fwd bulkhead but the control room is still fwd to the O Nose, aft of the control room is the space to enter the main Sail above with minivators & cargo room for sail acess use to the surface.

In my cabin I check my Glock 9mm & Colt 44 Magnum pistol.

The sub rocks suddenley & I race to a Vidphone & hit EXT & see some alien organic sub type firing on Seaview.