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Saturday, May 15, 2010

SHADO Command

SHADO Command is this Organz: Supreme Hqs Alien Defense Organz Command.

Its Mission: Defend Earth from hostile alien forces.

Below its Inventory:

o Airborne Laser platforms IE 747,757,777, Airbus 380.
o Lunar Base Intercepter Force.
o Skydiver mobile Submarine Fleet: launch intercepters into skies
o Drone roving armed Mobile units.
o VSTOL drone fighter jets.
o sidearms miscl equip.
o Fixed ground Laser units.
o Missile batteries mobile & fixed.
o Lunar Base
o Orbital Intercept & Tracking System: Space Intercepter Drone (SID).
o miscl support vehicles, planes, etc.
o worldwide Rapid Response Strike Force

SHADO Hqs are worldwide but hidden here:

CO Spring CO
Andes, Peru
Alps France, Italy
No UK, Scotland.
No Africa

SHADO has a Intelligence Service as well.
 The Intelligence service is called Shades- Supreme Hqs Alien Detection Services.

SHADO support bases are hidden or co concealed here:
Groton CT
Hong Kong

The Lunar base hoses ASL: Alien Studies Lab to counter aliens.
The Lunar base has these features:
o Hqs Module
o Barracks Module
o Command Post
o Service Bays
o Launch Bays
o Comm array
o PV Solar Field for Power
o Tracking array
o Cargo modules
o EV ports for lunarwalks.
o Cargo shuttle bay area for 3 shuttles.
o Astronomical studies Center

ALL underground save surface acess ports, sensors & landing docks.

Above the Lunar base is a Orbital Lunar Support Facility for added aid.

Timeline: 2015.

Companies etc in involved:

Stark Industries
Wayne Fdn ( Bruce Wayne)
Daily Sentinel ( Green Hornet).
Dr Richards ( Fantastic 4)
Dr Benton Quest
Area 51 NV area biz.

Front companies for SHADO & support organz:

"Counter Alien Task Force Fdn.
Free Earth Grp.
Hybrid Advanced Technologies Inc.
Space Defense Dev Grp.
Lunar Dev Corp.
NewSpace Fund.
War Of the Worlds Fdn ( think tank).
Deep Space Resources Dev.
Alien Tech Task Force."
For hiring, PR, finances.

The Lunar Base is supported by modified Flying Wing mother jets that carry Cargo shuttles to the Earth Orbiting SID to connect to a Lunar Cargo shuttle to the Moon.

SID Features:
Deepspace Tracking array
Laser nodes
Comm array
Solar array
Lunar shuttle dock module for 4 shuttles.
Winged shuttle Dock Pod
Earth scanning modules.
thruster nodes.
Orbital Intercepter units: 20.

SHADOC has these subcommands:

Lunar Cargo
SkyDiver Support
Intl Relations to use host countries for activities
Earth Defenses
Alien Tech Transfer Studies
Manned Space Systems.
Weapons R&D.
Rapid Force Strike Command

SHADOC as this nickname SHADoc.

SHAOC uses ISS as a Tracking array & Temp Hub.

The Rapid Force Strike Command is the Infantry arm of SHADOC with
Body armor
Pulse Guns
Laser rifles?
adv combo assult rifles IE M4 & grenade launcher. etc.
heavy caliber ammo used
Army Land Warrior systems adopted.

True globalwide mobile Infantry force by Air, Sea & Outer Space.

The Skydiver subs have dual modes: carry & launch Skydiver strike fighters worldwide & armed with Missile Bay aft for defense & Earth defense with Mach 8 missiles aboard & ground to air missiles.
ALL subs.
Plus fwd torpedo room.

SHADOC seeds arise from the WW2 Saucer of Navarone raid

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