Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Herculite Affair, Pt 2

The sub goes to GQ & everyone goes to Battle Stations.
The torpedo crews are ready, orders call to load tubes with fish.
Suddenley the sub rocks to Port as water pours into the port Torpedo room.
The sub rocks to port & noses down, the crews grabs onto anything to Hold onto.
Plates etc fall to the decks as we dive at near 72 angle.
Crane orders back pressure to the fwd hull sections.
The FS hanger is drained dry to force water back into the sub.
Opening key valves force water to the Stbd side & sub readies itself.
We head to the surface, sonar scanning for objects above & we rocket out at a 90 deg angle & crash to the seasurface using the proven Emergency blow method.
Overhead Navy copters scan the sub hull etc for visible damage.

We limp back to NIMR Hqs.

Back in port, we examine the Port Torepdo Room, totally wasted & 10 men killed by the water pressure alone.
In the debris, we find faulty Herculite is the cause.

Yard workers close off Nelson for classified  repairs on hull surfaces & internal equip.

Scanning documents at my lodge at Port Nelson the unofficial name for NIMR I find a Malay Mess Tech brought in the faulty Herculite & planted it around the torpedo room launch tubes.

Its Holy Jihad against the West & Radical Islam will use our own Tech to bring US down.

But the Nelsons whole mess crew is Malay, Yemani, Filipino, Korean.

Odd I smell smoke & I dont smoke & its not cigars.

I dash outside & the lodge cabin Blows UP.

Fire teams race to the lodge cabin in flames, & Im shaken.

NIMR security consults with me about act.

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