Sunday, May 2, 2010

Voyage to Atlantis/Raid on Atlantis Pt 3

(homage to TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea et al)

Timeline: Current.

I drive to NIMR UC Santa Barbara Hqs to board the new rebuilt SSRN Seaview for our voyage to the Bermuda Trinagle.
Im agent Cody West.
I arrive in my Nissan Halo Interscepter GT-R model to NIMR Main gate near UC Santa Barbara CA campus. For Halo Interscepter: (

A Jeep escorts me to the main NIMR Hqs center & I take a elevator down 800 ft into solid rock.
I step out onto the foyer of the Underground NIMR Center & enter the guarded door.
In the meeting room I see:
Tony Stark, Dr Benton Quest, Dr Rich Richards, Pickens from TX, Richard Branson,
one of the Costeau sons from Jacques Yves Costeau &  Flag Adm Nelson & Rear Adm Crane.

Our topic: the Atlantian crystals & one missing US sub from WW2- USS Blueshark.

The meeting room has vista viewports into the main Yard pens & I see the newly rebuilt Seaview getting supplies & equip for this voyage.
The Protetus sub from CMDF is lowered into the sub hull for use.
The shore crew scurries to prep the sub for leaving.

Back to the meeting, the sponsors: Tony Stark, Dr Richards, Dr Quest want those crystals for power use & for communications.
But evil forces want those crystals for pure warfare use.

We plot our mission: Head north to Alaska via Dutch Harbor ∧ into the Arctic, then head south to the Caribbean & the last known position of Blueshark.

I head to the Vidphone &and I say bye to DeDe.

Hours, past & soon we board  Seaview.

The Seaview has these features:

800 ft long X 700 ft wide
retains the O Nose fwd but total hull redesign aft.
Fiber optic periscope tubes
HD TV panels
ROV Sub Control Room
Main Lab deck.
automated Mn Eng spaces with N plant & fuel cells.
ext hull sensors
midships fwd torpedo room aft of O Nose.
Aft torpedo room
Missile Room
Crews qtrs
Officers Country & Guest cabins for 20
MiniSubs, submersibles in aft Well deck
quad hydrojetscrews aft & fwd bow thruster for in port use.
upper deck crane & winch aft
Hydroponics Farm deck
Internal CCTV array
dble hull modified from Russian specs.
VA class main sail but 2X size.
missile room has 4 missile tubes & 2 diver airlock tubes.
keel hatch for diver acess.
3D sonar mapping array.
cuisine from ex cruise line chef & crew in the Mess Deck.
VIP cabin for 4.

As we leave the underground sub pen, yachts & boats line the route as we exit blowing horns & sirens, & waving as we leave.
The Seaview is part Navy & part world science lab in one.
Rear Adm Crane is the CO.
SeaView is under the Navy for defense & NUMA/NOAA for studies at sea with other marine research ins worldwide.
Weapons are Last resort use type.

In the O Nose, we hear of some odd events in the "Bermuda Triangle", some Island emerged from some Time mist & some joyriding plane took photos of near nude women & men being hunted by 'monsters'.

Once clear of the harbor, we dive, the hull vibrates as we pickup speed diving to 700 ft.

Life aboard Seaview is unique, first sub to OK women for the Sciences Team.
First combined sub thats a Naval platform & Marine lab.
& can the sail globe 100X.

US Navy escort VA class SSN subs follow Seaview as we head into the Arctic.
NOAA NUMA & NSF satellites send data to Seaview from space direct while submerged.

Her other ammenities , Seaview offers:

Sauna Rooms
Hot Tubs
mini swimming pool- borrowed from the Soviet Trident sub FBM.
Sunning room for Vit D.
Complete mess deck with DVDs, HD TV player.
Wii, WiFi.

We surface for Final Fix & line up beacons for under Ice transit, we chose this route as the Canal Zone had TOO much traffic & security issues.

Rear Adm Crane orders Dive & we submerge, his XO is a ex Russian sub skipper Vlad.

Soon we enter the icepack & the O Nose viewports now are unsealed from the shields & we gaze into the icefloes above.
The O Nose viewports were sealed until we got underway & clear of the harbor traffic.

Meanwhile sonar picks up odd signals this far north & its not any US sub etc.

Using a 3D Imager, we see our route in 3D in the O Nose Lounge/Fwd Console area.
Our speed is 89 knots.

For our sonar tests, we plotted Japanese ships & subs sunk near Dutch Harbor, June 1942 to make sure the sonar is good.

COB Sharkey meets us in the Main officers wardroom as the meal is served.

The control room is the same in the old std Seaview with fwd bulkhead but the control room is still fwd to the O Nose, aft of the control room is the space to enter the main Sail above with minivators & cargo room for sail acess use to the surface.

In my cabin I check my Glock 9mm & Colt 44 Magnum pistol.

The sub rocks suddenley & I race to a Vidphone & hit EXT & see some alien organic sub type firing on Seaview.

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