Saturday, April 17, 2010


For 50K U can own a Shelter.
Yes for 50K.

See for details etc.

For the morrow & beyond.

Our Genesis 2 project Today.
Has shelter estd in Barstow CA.
Plans for worldwide use.

ThunderWolf Pt 5/ Finale

We board a yacht & head north to Mazatlan area.
Locals tell of a strange organic weird copter in the area in some cavern hanger, Thats ThunderWolf.
(Her shape is Organic Aero Stealth shape using the body for lifting & fwd thrust.
Her controls allow any one to fly her since she uses FBW-Fly By Wire.
She has 2 seat mounted joysticks for controlling.
NO collective or collective built into joysticks & has rudder pedals for NOTAR rear thrust.
She sits low to the ground for maint by crews but can raise body for IE floods, mud etc since she would be serviced in the field.
Her main weapons are: Hellfire missile, Stinger, 30mm cannon, Minigun & M60 MG.
& EW array).

Thunderwolf is controlled by rear NOTAR vanes & main rotor hub & in body duct vans to reroute engine heat for thrust after cooling.

From the yacht, we board our Zodiaks to the beach for some au natural fun to lure away sentries.
Then getting dressed, we head again into the jungle.
A Mexican unit joins us as it rigs 10 Ziplines into the jungle.
DeDe is now fully recovered (some pain from beating exisits) but is in the fight, she buries her senorita garb for fatigues & halter top & her Colt Python Magnum 357 & AR 15.

Using ziplines we move faster in the junglespaces.

Soon we arrive at "local tequila distillary" which is a cover for the cartel.
It makes true tequila & sales are worldwide BUT also produces:
& fake 100.00 US bills.

Rigging camp we alert Rambo Force.

Our Video phone gives the OK to strike from Wash DC.

Recover Thunderwolf or Destroy.

We circle the "distillary" & rig timed charges & head to the hidden Meth lab.

Local hookers come into the area & everyone gets naked at the river & drinking is assumed.

We move into the main hidden cave housing ThunderWolf, showing some scars & leaking oil or some lubricant.

Our pilot Capt Maverick checks our the bird.

You, see Thunderwolf can be a Combat copter & or Combat Cargo copter.
She has rear cabin for 4 persons plus her 2 man flight crew.

We load the weapons from nearby & Maverick checks the insturments etc.

Overhead a Rambo Force Apache gunship is ready for Escort out to the AZ border & home.

Our charges go off & the local gang is TOO drunk to fight back, thanks to mixing some knock out drug in local liquor supply thanks to DeDes fine intel work.

We head the ThunderWolf into the clearing & take off as ground based rockets clear the treeline.

We race down a mini runway & over a cliff before her main engine kicks in.

Maverick calls the RF Apache: ThunderWolf is Homeward Bound.

RF Apache says " acknowledged".

In our escape out, we overfly more narco camps & some huge estate, & we dive low & strake the estate & narco camps with cannon & rocket fire.

Huge explosives rock the jungle scape.

We head north & east to Tombstone AZ.

We land at Apache Wells Indian Reservation which the US Army leases from the tribe for Income & jobs for the reservation.

ThunderWolf then takes truck to its Grand Canyon hidden base with Capt Maverick.

Meanwhile DeDe & I explore the Grand Canyon & sample AZ Mex fare for dinner, a sauna,
some dancing & next day a huge AZ BBQ lunch.

End Mission File, ThunderWolf.

Agent Cody West & DeDe Gordon.

ThunderWolf Pt 4

I awake in some Mexican clinic, given new fatigues via the Mexican army rep on this case.
Meanwhile, DeDe escapes her captors & uses some disguises to escape after being beaten by her captors.
DeDe is now Miss Cuernevaca. Due to being beaten badly, she uses her facial makeup skills & makes a new temporary face to hide bruise marks.
Local Mexican picket patrol finds DeDe & brings her in for medical care.
Its been 8 days since we left the US for Mexico.

But Mexican Federales in the cartel pocket, now beat me for info about our flight over thier cocaine & hash fields.
But DeDe now recovered & with Capt Maverick from Rambo Force come to my aid & we blow the local jail & escape.

We head into Puerta Vallerta itself.

At our new hotel, we get fixed up by MedTeam from Rambo Force.

Rambo Force now oversees this vs the Armed forces.

Mexican police are everywhere & tourists flood the cityscape.

We get a local taxi (from Rambo Force) & driver to tour the cityscape.

Mexican Mafia figures hide with hidden Uzis, shotguns & pistols.

Back in our hotel we retriangulate from DeDes last use to find the stealth ThunderWolf.

Beacon shows in the jungles north but near Mazatlan.

Thunderwolf Pt 3

In our earphones, we hear DeDe screaming & fighting the baddies. But for us, our luck changed & we have a souped up Hueycobra chasing us firing its guns.
Bullets rake the fueslage & canopy.
We dive to evade the Hueycobra in the jungle treetops.
We no longer hear DeDe.
Luckily a RAMBO FORCE Hueycobra rises up to counter the other Hueycobra & the air battle begins.
We head to the airfield & we race from the T6 Texan.
Our videos sent to a secure file in Yuma AZ FT Hua center.
 Meanwhile my pilot makes a phone call.

I race to the hotel to find the room in ruins.

Luckiily they cant use the laptop.

Then all goes black as Im hit overthe head.

Blood soaks my fatigue jacket (Navy SEAL Vietnam colors).

Thunder Wolf, Part 2

All throught he desert, we spy illegal immigrant traces heading south.

We soon leave our horses behind & walk across the US Mex Border to get our Jeep for heading into Mexico.

With ThunderWolf in the wrong hands It means Hell.

DeDe speaking Spanish opens ups doors for us heading south, I speak some Spanish.

In our Mexican village, more gunfire erupts with Sinola cartel & rivals.

Still I ache in that we are being watched.

I wear my old great grand dads Bolero roadsuit & De De cowboy attire modest.
Nothing flashy about us IE no jewelry visible.

We met our  contact & head to the Baja Penn area & head to Puerta Vallerta to the jungles north of the cityspaces.

We do know that ThunderWolf was taken from its nearby Grand Canyon area hideout base.
Thunderwolf is a Manned Unmanned craft IE It can fly Manned or Not.

Arriving in the jungle village, I take a old T6 Texan trainer to overfly the area for signs of Thunderwolf.

My pilot & I sweep the jungles below with camera pods to scan terrain with 3D images.

DeDe tracks images on her laptop in the hotel.

Suddenely a knock at the door & DeDe didnt ask for room service.

Thunderwolf, part 1

Thunderwolf is a next gen combat supercopter following on from the famed Airwolf copter flown by then the late Stringfellow Hawke & allies.
This copter has other follow ons for various markets:" Redwolf, Blackwolf, Cutlasswolf " (Naval use) .

But Thunderwolf has these features:
noiseless main rotor for Silent ops.
Night vision.
weapons bay
nose sensor & cannon.
dual mode engine for rotory & for jet.
& can accomodate a ducted trail fan rotor.

Im agent Cody West arriving in Tombstone AZ for a unique meeting in the cityspace.
I later meet De De Gordon (who like her great great granddad is a Master at disguises) &
I drive a 1962 Vette overa 2004 Vette chassis & engine, she drives a 2010 Camaro coupe.

We arrive at the Morgan Diner & head to a pvt room, we close the door & another door opens up & we take a elevator into the depths.

We arrive in what is Tombstones area mine & meet our hosts: US Army, NATO, US Air Force,
US Marines &; BP ICE.

The meeting room is Hi Tech & hidden with global acess.

We see videos of Thunderwolf in action, until said video shows Thunderwolf heading south X the border.

Someone stole Thunderwolf

We arrive back at the surface to see the city wild with life for its OK Corral event.

Among the crowd some Mexican Mafia types spy us.

With Tombstone so near the border, its make a very dangrous place with X border violence.

We dine on local fare: Huevos rancheros, rice, salsa, juce &; muffins & head to my great grand dads ranch (in the West family).

Our ranch has a Camp Geronimo to aid At risk kids & those with cancer to experience Farm/Ranch living.

At the ranch, we gear up for horse rides & Jeep ride into the desert.
The BP allows US the OK to track the copter.
Our weapons are: Glock 21, Colt 45 ACP, Colt 44 Magnum, M4 assult rifle, Mac 10, 357 Magnum,
FIE shotgun assult, Mace, Taser, pepper spray, knives, &; ammo.

We drive Little Nellie into the desert me &De De.

Overhead a plane from Sky King Ranch overflies our route for escort.

Apache guides follow on horseback to our sides.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

To Steal the Stark Suit, Finale

Bullets rake our cars & DeDe pulls in front & using the cars electromorphingcolor system changes color as she emits radar deterring smoke & meanwhile I say to my car " autoevade engage", car than acknowledges & I use the cetner console & mini joymouse to fire the trunk missiles & the drones go down.
Meanwhile, high overhead Rambo Force copters oversee our route.

We arrive at Castle Dracula, Romania to find the silent humming cybercenter & using my keyfob Flash drive download the stolen suit plans.

Soon terrorists rush the room & gunfiire erupts.
Bullets rake the room, blowing up those computers & servers thus ending the Suit auction.

Rambo Force lead units arrive & secure the castle & we depart in our riddled cars to Venice Italy & Home.

Rambo Force is a elite globalwide roving security merc force formed by LT John Rambo after his years in SE Asia & since he came home to AZ.

We board a WASP cargo sub bound for the US from Venice Italy.

WASP subs arent like std subs but more semi organic style with retractable 180 arc Flying bridge for surface use & shark like main hull.

Avg speed is 80 knots.

Arriving in New London CT, we spend time with DeDes aunt in Gettysburg PA.

Then we board commercial jet to her home in Oahu Hawaii.

We arrive & I rent my Nissan GT-R & head to her home.

(Back to DeDe, shes a true Orig:
Retro 60s
Past staffer to the Hawaii 5-0 Unit under LT McGarrett
surfer, boater, has Internet skills, donates to charity,
Pro gun, pro defense, pro family, au natural & all natural,
single, )

Thats my DeDe.

Close Mission File on the Stark Suit.

Agent Cody West.


Tony Stark & Bruce Wayne & Richard Branson sign a pact for future ventures today in Seville Spain.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 4

The whole Stark Suit ( Iron Man) is NOT the suit BUT the assembly processes & production data for limited mass use, which is why Im on the case with DeDe Gordon.
We're after the discs for his War Naval Suit file Only.
Stark wants those discs found & returned to any Stark office worldwide.
Finders Fee: 50M.

But back to De De: shes a natural woman, likes the Retro 60s era , dresses for 60s but uses Todays makeup, clothing colors, textures & can dress for any event & be NOT retro 60s.
DeDe is blonde & lives in Hawaii.
She surfs, swims, suns, boats au natural, likes seafood & Hawaiian culture.
But she is a agent & knows Guns & all self defense & investigative matters.

We track the castle in our Universal Exports equipped cars:
my Aston Martin Vanquish
& her Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350. (DeDe loves US Muscle cars).

We race to the castle, while overhead copter drones swoop down & start strafing the roadside & treelines with machine gun fire.
Bullets whiz past our cars & bounces off the armor body matrix.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amerika Bomber Raid Pt 3

We head to the hanger housing the delta winged Amerikabomber (Arado E551 Flying Wing) & with it several supersonic V1 missiles, Me 262s, delta wing Me262, Fw 190, dual rocket Me163 Komet,
another Arado bomber, Arado E555 Cargo carrier wing & surrounding the area is AA guns & Radar.
Bunkers are everywhere.
We plant TNT & dash to a cliff near the runway.
The TNT detonates & Germans open fire.
Bullets zing the surface.
We scramble down the ropes to a waiting Norwegian fishing trawler.
Bullets pummel the water & rocks.
The ground shakes as the Amerikabomber explodes amid fuel & other weapons.
We head to a waiting German S Boat which takes us to a waiting Royal Navy destroyer to take us to England.

Project Amerikabomber is Finished.

Maj Steve Canyon Sr, USAAF,OSS & Tech Services

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 3

Embedded within my wrist I push the GPS tracker & soon warplanes buzz the area searching for us.
Israeli artillary begins to pound the area with shells, the terrorists scramble, we escape amid machine gun bullets, rockets.
We hed to the sea & find the MI6 agents awaiting with returning fire on the Islamic terrorists.
We board the Zodiacs & head to the HMS Duke of Bedford cruiser offshore.
We then head to Spain & the Atlantic ocean area.

Meanwhile onboard, I try a Naval War Suit on & do some wargaming with MI6 & Royal Navy ASW techs.
The suit can provide a mini bubble to hide me while submerged.
The microtech in the suit is amazing.
Cost to Mass produce about 10M X 800 suits.
Plus spares, parts, backups.

The model used is the Armys Land Warrior Project which Stark has Army Warsuit developed.

The suit is being tested by the GI Joe Command & Spec Forces Green Berets worldwide.

Stark Industries stock rose 450% alone.

The Bruce WayneFdn coordinates hiring applicants for the Stark suit project & finding test pilots for his suits.

In the water the suit is like wearing nothing & yet Im warm for deeper depths.
On land with suit its somewhat awkward.

Other agencies in this suit venture IE seeking are:
Russian Fed Security
Cuban Secret Service
Dubai Intelligence
Federal States Int Bureau (worldwide group-non govt).
Russian Mob
Chinese Tongs
Mex drug gangs.
Nation of Islam.
WASP- World Aquatic Sub Patrol.
so we have lots of competition.

I use the suit & can dive to a meeting US nuclear sub & hitch a ride on the sub behind the sail with ease.

I detach from sub & head to the HMS Duke of Bedford above.

Overhead satellites track the suit & me worldwide & send data to Stark Ind Hqs CP.

A WASP Stingray sub escorts the Duke of Bedford & the VA class nuke sub to the Atlantic.

We board a RN jetcopter & head to Gibralter for  a trip to No Croatia ( we found the bidding site for the suit).

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 2

Arriving in Moscow, we head to the vast Kremlin & I meet my sidekick DeDe Gordon, the great (3X) grandaughter to agent Artemus Gordon who worked with my great grandfather.
We meet the Russian Federal Security rep & are shown why we are here:

Those same terrorists stole a Russian suit version & even Tony Stark is angry at the patents etc since Russia was NOT OK to make the suit.
Yet they did.
So now, we have 2 Stark Naval suits lying around & the poential for terror hits 100 magnitude level.

The Russians give us more clues from that theft & we reboard our Jump Jet & are escorted out by Migs into Mid East airspace.

In our absence, the suit auction price is now up to 20B.

We soon land in Beirut Lebanon since rebuilt since the 80s wars & take a Land Rover to the desert.

Hezzabolah were told has the suit & trying to use suit to harrass the Israeli Navy.

We head to safehouse for meeting & issue arms:
I get a Colt 45 SAR like my grandfather used by in Magnum style with 8 in barrel & stock.
& my Glock 21 piostol, Taser, Mace, some grenades & Mac 10 Ingram.
De De gets here a Colt 45 Auto & Glock 10mm.
& CAR 15 rifle.

We head out to the hideout.

All over we hear the call to prayer from the mosques in the city.

Tracking the suits via its GPS unit, we soon find the suit.

Then were jumped by Islamic terrorists & taken captive.

Meanwhile MI6 agents parachute into the Med Sea for our rescue.

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 1

Im Agent Cody West, my great (X3) grandfather was US Secret Service agent James West who served from 1870 to 1914 in the American West.
His pvt RR Train is in Sacramento CA RR Museum & his suits in the Smithsonians Ins for American History.
His sidekick Artemus Gordon served till 1930.

Im here in Tony Starks Hqs for Stark Industries & am viewing a odd security video taken-

Thieves dressed up in old 1920s Ku Klux Klan wardrobe enter the sealed chamber & remove hoods to reveal they all wear Jesse Jackson masks but speak Arabic, one has a Koran with them
But why would Islamic terrorists use old fashioned KKK robes for a guise?

Bottom line: They steal plans for the Stark Naval War Suit for use by Navy SEAL units.

The Stark Naval suit has these features:

Oxygen module that uses seawater to produce oxygen.
metal suit shell to dive to 20K feet.
wrist rockets
leg side arm module to house CAR 15, M4 rifle & ammo.
pistol sidearm
3D sonar map.
undersea voice comm.
& impeller backpack with Oxygen unit to speed about the seas at 30 knots.

The suit has naval exterior camoflouge colors.

We leave Stark Hqs & head for our first clue from those Islamic bandits: a piece of the Koran
showing the Red Sea & Gaza Strip in the Mideast.

I work for the newly formed Federal States Intelligence Bureau which includes UNIC.

Our Jump Jet VSTOL jet goes to Mach 1 leaving US airspace from Starks Hqs in LA CA.

In flight, we get more bad news: someone is auctioning off the Stark Naval Suit to the highest bidder on encrypted global TV bidding network online.

We try to trace the code & track the locale but no avail.

I call Hqs for a code follow up & tracking

Halfway through our flight, we see Russian Mig 29s come upon us to "escort" US & we veer not to the Mideast to but to No Russia airspace.

A Russian Tu 95 jet tanker refuels our VSTOL Jump Jet.

We follow the Migs & head to Moscow.

Moscow time is 2040 PM, Year: current.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Operation War of the Worlds, Pt 1/ Saucers of Navarone

(Disclaimer: WW2 Tech that could have been, possible, conceptual, all else real settings, locales but fictional charcters.)
Source info basic: Hitler's Flying Saucers by Henry Stevens, AUP &
Man Made UFOs: 1944-1994 by Renato  Vesco & David Childress, AUP

Op War of the Worlds in essense is to Seize a Nazi Manned UFO.

Some years back the Nazis seized some aliens & used thier technology to build Manned Flying Saucers.

& along with the V1, V2 missiles & then supersonic V1 missiles & Amerikabomber, we have our work cut out.

Im Maj Steve  Canyon USAAF OSS, Tech Investigator.

A rep from Dr Townsend Brown explains how saucers work & his Team will join uis in the raid.

We dubb this the SaucerRaid.

We examine the reams of tech data on flying saucers, Foofighters, etc since the dawn of time.

The saucer we seek is the Haanebu 2 type.

Now the problems begin:

Find base.

Find said saucer or backup type for Allied Forces

seize said saucer & then fly to UK or Canada.

& dont disturb the Krauts doing it,.

Most saucer work is a Peenemunde, but due to Allied bombing by RAF Lancasters & B35 Flying Wings & B29s, the Germans moved some projects to Norway & or Austria.

Our Team is US, British, German Jews, Czechs, Poles, Aussies.

Year: 1943.

B29s pound Tokyo & Berlin.

Now to find this hidden UFO base.

The Game is ON

But now Intel shows off events in the islands of So Greece.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Amerikabomber Raid, Pt 2

We evade German patrols & enter the main airfield center.
We're issued MP40s, Walthers, Lugars, MP44 (new assult rifle types), Panzerfast rocket grenades, & miscl Allied gear ( supposed from dead Norwegian resistence units).

Its cold, dark, snowy.

& what a tempting target: U Boat pens, supply dock for battleships, & the Amerikabomber.

We used guile to escape the Germans ( we killed them).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Amerikabomber Raid, Part 1

Following R&R from last mission, we relaxed at some British Med Sea rest camps near Greece.

After 10 days rest, we had a mission:

To seize or destroy a German wonder weapon the Amerikabomber.

From intellligence, the bomber is a Me P08 Flying Wing type.

But problems abound:

Acessing the base in Norway to get to the bomber since Norway is the jumping off site for the bomber run over near N Pole to hit NYC.

We head to the RAF Scottish air base & board our rugged armed Ju52 transport plane.

Target Norway.

RAF Mosquitoes & some Me410s escort us into Norway airspace.

The bomber base is near a fjoird used by the Tirpitz & U Boats.

Its 100 miles north of Bergen Norway.

Norwegian resistence is ready to Help.

Donning winter German gear, we jump into Norway.

From data we presumed bomber would flu from Norway, over Iceland, Greenland, then head south to Canada & NE US & NY & or Boston as targets.

Parasite Me262 jets would provide escort over US skies.

Once we land in Norway we head to villages to hide from Nazi patrols in area.

This time we use skis to get to villages.

Nearby a heavy water plant produces water for an atomic bomb.

Allied bomber units gear up for strike.

German armor, SS, Gestapo fill city streets in Bergen.

S Boats patrol harbor & offshore armed & ready.

But a quisling betrays US into Nazi hands.

Again a POW camp.

But which quisling did this?

Year: 1943 May.

Raid on Atlantis Pt 2

The prison camps are divided:
Womens camp fixes, cooks, grows the foods, mends clothing, medical aid for the both camps
Mens camp: Hard labor.
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
The Japanese run both camps.
Both use the river for cleaning, laundry, etc..
Men & women shower together to save water.
Women work topless in the heat.
Men are clothed for the crystal mines below.
Around the camp is a bubbling oil pool thats used for oil & gasoline.
Jungle surrounds the camps.
Hidden guard towers surround camps aside perimeter towers.

Tunnel below leads to remains of Atlantis lost city & soceity.

Below, Atlantians examine the Type 20 U Boat or XXI U Boat.
& inadvertenly sent off a sonar pulse.

Miles away a US DD picks up the signal & contacts Norfolk Naval base.
The crystal cavern underwater"projects" the sonar pulse for miles, 800 miles radius or more.
The US replies by sending a new Type XX1 U Boat captured near NewFoundland & renovated to US sub stds named the USS  Blueshark SS 308.
The US sub has fwd & aft tubes, mine laying gear, diver airlock, fwd mini 8mm deck gun, EW array
& side & fwd scan sonar.
& carried a supersonic V1 missile.

Working in the mines we mine crystals for use to make bigger crystals for heat & power.
The SS oversees the Japanese labor ops.
Meanwhile, we plan our escape to the U Boat.

The Atlantians live by & in the sea totally, they swim nude all the time.
They dress for surface use, some are Mermaids.
The cityscape is 1/2 surface, 1/2 submerged amid ruins, rubble, landslides.

The USS Blueshark & escort DD DE head to the Island FIX for the sonar signal.

US B17s & PBYs & B35 Flying Wings scour the skies for the Island.

& we race a German surface support unit to same Island.

For R&R the women swim nude with the Atlantian men.
Atlantian women Amazon swim with we Men.

Meanwhile Germans are building a Crystal Laser device to strike the US from this island.

Raid on Castle Kondor addedum

Castle it is Bardjov in the Eastern Czech Rep near Russia & Poland.
Castle is Bavarian & Austrian influence from the Medevil era.
Germans dug under castle with slave labor & from medevil times as well by Vlad.
The Germans reused silos for early V2 rockets.
Bunkers & MG nests line hillside up to castle area in select areas.

Our Unit was composed of SAS, OSS, Allied prisoners from British, US, Polish, Czech, German jews, from prison stockades in UK for suicide missions.
Whole castle exterior is camoflouged but still very Bavarian style..

Raid on Castle Kondor/Condor, Pt 2

My story:

Maj Steve Canyon Sr, USAAF & OSS agent.
Helped estd Air ground air warfare for our forces.
aided OSS organz.
Serving with British SAS.

But back to our Mission, our Force is composed of SAS & Allied prisoners from British & US stockades in England.
So among us is our traitor.

Col Tynsdale Royal Army is Team Leader.

When Tynsdale nods, the men create a stir in the cell housing the whole unit.

German guards rush in & we escape.

We race the Comm Center to find radio damaged.

I smell perfume in the room.

I pull out my Colt 45 with silencer & cock it.

( had hidden so Germans cant find gun).

Linking some wires, I connect the radio the system & we send signal

Cutlass to Big boy
Cutlass to Big boy
Mission is ON
Finding package ON.

Big boy, Rodger
Beware Big Bad Wolf in Fold.

Finding the German armory, we grab some guns & gear.

Meanwhile the prisoners ( the Jewish ones) deface some Nazi posters & artwork near the Mess Center & Officers area.

Boy those German Jews are Mean SOBs.

Peering outside, we smoke from raids done about 50 miles away from castle.

Gyrocopters armed patrol castle base for our escape, with MG 30s.

We find the main Prison center ( which was below us about 4 floors) & find our man
Pvt Ernie Sloane ( whose dead giveaway for Ike).

We make our way & plant time bombs from the armory from our gear the Krauts seized.

Meanwhile the castle is holding some party for officers & elite.

Guests arrive by elevators to the main castle grounds.

We ID some huge vault celler unused by the Germans housing 100-900 wine cognac barrels.

We seize some guests & move them to the huge cellar,.

We lock the main door, then thier screams & pounding alert the Krauts.

We find some jet fuel truck nearby & pour jet fuel into vents into the cellar & toss grenades into vents & Run.

Germans then Open fire on us as bullets whiz around us, hitting metal, wood, sandbags.

We toss the final grenade & grab a Sd KFz Half Track with quad MG 42 unit & smash the castle gate to the airfield area.

Mortars & bullets ring our vehicle & ahead.

Soon the vault Explodes rocking the whole castle as our time bombs detonate.

We head to a hanger & find a Junkers Ju288 with ball dorsal turret & tail guns & fwd gun mount fixed under nose & force the throttles open.

We head down the runway & head into the skies & head for England or NW France.

Meanwhile Fw 190s & Me 262s pursue us from the airfield as AA fire rips the sky around us.

We fight for survival in this Ju288, then our luck changes, out from above come some P38s from the B35 squadron above & shoot down the pursuing Fw190s & Me 262s.
The P38s have all cannon nose guns vs the machine guns.

We look back as the castle complex explodes sending a plume 100 miles high.

Thus ends Mission Victory Slam.

Raid on "Atlantis", Part 1.

(disclaimer: Honor WW2 veterans & examine WW2 could have gone with new tech etc then planned etc)

Im Steve Canyon Sr & this is my sea tale:

Serving with the OSS Im assigned a US merchent ship in the Caribbean, but a Type 20 U Boat stalks our ship & we're sunk, luckily we escape on our lifeboats & liferafts.
My Caribbean mission is Secret & we were a US merchent ship with NO major visible deck cargoes.

Timeline: Oct 1942.

The Type 20 is one Nazi Germanys Kriegsmarine new U Boats.

Armed with 20mm & sail mounted machine guns fwd & aft &recessed mini 88mm fwd deck gun for major surface action, & her 30 torpedoes, shes a deadly mix,

We come onboard the U Boat finding her in a fogbank.

We surprise the U Boat crew & take over the sub having some crew leave by liferaft for later rescue.

Meanwhile Search & Rescue PBY Martins scour the seas for our ship aside B29 Recon birds.

Little, did we know the Germans planned this to seize the city of Atlantis.

We head south toward Bimini.

Odd sonar sounds occur around the sub.

The sub shakes & heaves in the seas yet the seas denote calmness.

We enter a huge tunnel carved from the sea.

Looking into the periscope I see some strange undersea craft following us.

Then we surface into this hidden underground grotto cavern amid some odd strange submarine craft & odd warriors.

Being in then Bermuda Triangle, our planes cant Find US.

The Germans head to the arms locker &grab the guns & we're all prisoners.

A nordic Blonde Amazon Queen & entourage meets us at the pier.

Weapons & costumes date to 1500 BC era.

Meanwhile, German Naval forces send units onto this Island for occupation.

Taken prisoner, we meet Ishea SS She Devil who oversees the POW camp.

She divides men from women.

Its the Caribbean & its Hot & humid in this locale.

The SS forces take us to the jungle camp above Atlantis city.

Our ordeal begins.

Raid On Castle Condor Part 1

(Disclaimer: Honoring WW2 era vets worldwide (Axis & Allies) & to examine WW2 in the What if Tech category:)

Im Steve Canyon Sr & this is my tale during WW2:

Flying in with some British & Austrian SAS, we fly over the E Czech border in our JU 52 transport plane with bubble turret with 2 MG 42 machine guns over the high mtn passes, we see the GO Light & proceed to jump from the plane.

As we land, we grab our gear & head for the nearest farmhouse for our base.

Its winter, cold & icy, this fine Nov 1943.

The next day, we head to our objective: Castle Kondor.

From our vantage point we see Castle Kondor:

Its about 6K feet high on a mtn peak, built in the 1300s.

A cable car station connects castle to the valley below & the castle has some unique features:

V1 rocket launcher rail bunkers dug into the mtnside

V2 missile silo

Airfield for prop & jet aircraft.

Radio array

Newest Radar.

various AA Guns around castle.

& in the valley below these:

POW camp

German Alpine Korp camp.

& RR depot to the nearest Death camp for labor from the northwest near Poland

& the local town & farms.

We blend into the local scenery.

We contact our 2 agents to get them into the castle.

Our 2 ladies speak fluent German & English & one Russian.

We tell me the storyline for thier act.

4 days later, to keep the Germans occupied, a squadron of B25Gs & RAF Mosquitoes strike the area, causing panic (more into our favor).
Those raids do these: Keep our unit intact (morale wise) & show Stalin we care about our Russian allies & keep Germans off balance for the D Day mission ahead.

German radar then pickups on US B35 Flying wing bombers modified with B17G noses & carrying P38 Parasite fighters for defense.

The raids work & we head back to our Plans to invade the castle.

We become "common labor" to acess the huge cable cars to the main castle station high above.

Our real objective: Free POWs (side mission) BUT Find some allied officers taken captive from our move into Austria who have the D Day plans.

Problem: we have some spy & traitor in our midst.

Our radio only works sparingly & then in Good weather.

We had to forge ID, when we lost our ID packet in the jump.

& meanwhile our problems got worse, the castle airfield now hosts these German planes:
Me 262.

Junkers Ju 287,

Sqdn of FW 190s.

New Gyrocopter Unit.

Me P1108 jet bombers,

Blohm Voss P188 jet bomber.

& All for striking Russia to the east, about 40 miles away from castle.

But back to the castle, it has these elements:

SS Center

Prison Center for VIP prisoners.

Weapons lab

Radar center

AA Gun Control

V1 Missile Control

Underground RR Depot for trains.

nearby underground plant ( Mittlewerks 2).

& reusing old medevil torture jails for SS/Gestapo use.

V2 missile silo & launch bunker for missile strikes on London & Moscow.

Welcome to Castle Hell Kondor.

We don our gear & head to the cable car station in the town below.

Suddenely, we're surrounded by SS forces & Alpine Korp.

The women are left alone with no contacts in the castle.

Meanwhile Russian B29s plan raid on castle.

Castle Kondor is unique sited:


The farthest Eastern region of nation
Facing Russia, Poland, Romania.
Yet in air time close to our bases in Italy for strikes

We get into castle via guarded cable car to main castle depot & then to our cells.