Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Amerikabomber Raid, Part 1

Following R&R from last mission, we relaxed at some British Med Sea rest camps near Greece.

After 10 days rest, we had a mission:

To seize or destroy a German wonder weapon the Amerikabomber.

From intellligence, the bomber is a Me P08 Flying Wing type.

But problems abound:

Acessing the base in Norway to get to the bomber since Norway is the jumping off site for the bomber run over near N Pole to hit NYC.

We head to the RAF Scottish air base & board our rugged armed Ju52 transport plane.

Target Norway.

RAF Mosquitoes & some Me410s escort us into Norway airspace.

The bomber base is near a fjoird used by the Tirpitz & U Boats.

Its 100 miles north of Bergen Norway.

Norwegian resistence is ready to Help.

Donning winter German gear, we jump into Norway.

From data we presumed bomber would flu from Norway, over Iceland, Greenland, then head south to Canada & NE US & NY & or Boston as targets.

Parasite Me262 jets would provide escort over US skies.

Once we land in Norway we head to villages to hide from Nazi patrols in area.

This time we use skis to get to villages.

Nearby a heavy water plant produces water for an atomic bomb.

Allied bomber units gear up for strike.

German armor, SS, Gestapo fill city streets in Bergen.

S Boats patrol harbor & offshore armed & ready.

But a quisling betrays US into Nazi hands.

Again a POW camp.

But which quisling did this?

Year: 1943 May.

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