Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thunder Wolf, Part 2

All throught he desert, we spy illegal immigrant traces heading south.

We soon leave our horses behind & walk across the US Mex Border to get our Jeep for heading into Mexico.

With ThunderWolf in the wrong hands It means Hell.

DeDe speaking Spanish opens ups doors for us heading south, I speak some Spanish.

In our Mexican village, more gunfire erupts with Sinola cartel & rivals.

Still I ache in that we are being watched.

I wear my old great grand dads Bolero roadsuit & De De cowboy attire modest.
Nothing flashy about us IE no jewelry visible.

We met our  contact & head to the Baja Penn area & head to Puerta Vallerta to the jungles north of the cityspaces.

We do know that ThunderWolf was taken from its nearby Grand Canyon area hideout base.
Thunderwolf is a Manned Unmanned craft IE It can fly Manned or Not.

Arriving in the jungle village, I take a old T6 Texan trainer to overfly the area for signs of Thunderwolf.

My pilot & I sweep the jungles below with camera pods to scan terrain with 3D images.

DeDe tracks images on her laptop in the hotel.

Suddenely a knock at the door & DeDe didnt ask for room service.

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