Saturday, April 17, 2010

ThunderWolf Pt 4

I awake in some Mexican clinic, given new fatigues via the Mexican army rep on this case.
Meanwhile, DeDe escapes her captors & uses some disguises to escape after being beaten by her captors.
DeDe is now Miss Cuernevaca. Due to being beaten badly, she uses her facial makeup skills & makes a new temporary face to hide bruise marks.
Local Mexican picket patrol finds DeDe & brings her in for medical care.
Its been 8 days since we left the US for Mexico.

But Mexican Federales in the cartel pocket, now beat me for info about our flight over thier cocaine & hash fields.
But DeDe now recovered & with Capt Maverick from Rambo Force come to my aid & we blow the local jail & escape.

We head into Puerta Vallerta itself.

At our new hotel, we get fixed up by MedTeam from Rambo Force.

Rambo Force now oversees this vs the Armed forces.

Mexican police are everywhere & tourists flood the cityscape.

We get a local taxi (from Rambo Force) & driver to tour the cityscape.

Mexican Mafia figures hide with hidden Uzis, shotguns & pistols.

Back in our hotel we retriangulate from DeDes last use to find the stealth ThunderWolf.

Beacon shows in the jungles north but near Mazatlan.

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