Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 1

Im Agent Cody West, my great (X3) grandfather was US Secret Service agent James West who served from 1870 to 1914 in the American West.
His pvt RR Train is in Sacramento CA RR Museum & his suits in the Smithsonians Ins for American History.
His sidekick Artemus Gordon served till 1930.

Im here in Tony Starks Hqs for Stark Industries & am viewing a odd security video taken-

Thieves dressed up in old 1920s Ku Klux Klan wardrobe enter the sealed chamber & remove hoods to reveal they all wear Jesse Jackson masks but speak Arabic, one has a Koran with them
But why would Islamic terrorists use old fashioned KKK robes for a guise?

Bottom line: They steal plans for the Stark Naval War Suit for use by Navy SEAL units.

The Stark Naval suit has these features:

Oxygen module that uses seawater to produce oxygen.
metal suit shell to dive to 20K feet.
wrist rockets
leg side arm module to house CAR 15, M4 rifle & ammo.
pistol sidearm
3D sonar map.
undersea voice comm.
& impeller backpack with Oxygen unit to speed about the seas at 30 knots.

The suit has naval exterior camoflouge colors.

We leave Stark Hqs & head for our first clue from those Islamic bandits: a piece of the Koran
showing the Red Sea & Gaza Strip in the Mideast.

I work for the newly formed Federal States Intelligence Bureau which includes UNIC.

Our Jump Jet VSTOL jet goes to Mach 1 leaving US airspace from Starks Hqs in LA CA.

In flight, we get more bad news: someone is auctioning off the Stark Naval Suit to the highest bidder on encrypted global TV bidding network online.

We try to trace the code & track the locale but no avail.

I call Hqs for a code follow up & tracking

Halfway through our flight, we see Russian Mig 29s come upon us to "escort" US & we veer not to the Mideast to but to No Russia airspace.

A Russian Tu 95 jet tanker refuels our VSTOL Jump Jet.

We follow the Migs & head to Moscow.

Moscow time is 2040 PM, Year: current.

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