Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 2

Arriving in Moscow, we head to the vast Kremlin & I meet my sidekick DeDe Gordon, the great (3X) grandaughter to agent Artemus Gordon who worked with my great grandfather.
We meet the Russian Federal Security rep & are shown why we are here:

Those same terrorists stole a Russian suit version & even Tony Stark is angry at the patents etc since Russia was NOT OK to make the suit.
Yet they did.
So now, we have 2 Stark Naval suits lying around & the poential for terror hits 100 magnitude level.

The Russians give us more clues from that theft & we reboard our Jump Jet & are escorted out by Migs into Mid East airspace.

In our absence, the suit auction price is now up to 20B.

We soon land in Beirut Lebanon since rebuilt since the 80s wars & take a Land Rover to the desert.

Hezzabolah were told has the suit & trying to use suit to harrass the Israeli Navy.

We head to safehouse for meeting & issue arms:
I get a Colt 45 SAR like my grandfather used by in Magnum style with 8 in barrel & stock.
& my Glock 21 piostol, Taser, Mace, some grenades & Mac 10 Ingram.
De De gets here a Colt 45 Auto & Glock 10mm.
& CAR 15 rifle.

We head out to the hideout.

All over we hear the call to prayer from the mosques in the city.

Tracking the suits via its GPS unit, we soon find the suit.

Then were jumped by Islamic terrorists & taken captive.

Meanwhile MI6 agents parachute into the Med Sea for our rescue.

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