Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amerika Bomber Raid Pt 3

We head to the hanger housing the delta winged Amerikabomber (Arado E551 Flying Wing) & with it several supersonic V1 missiles, Me 262s, delta wing Me262, Fw 190, dual rocket Me163 Komet,
another Arado bomber, Arado E555 Cargo carrier wing & surrounding the area is AA guns & Radar.
Bunkers are everywhere.
We plant TNT & dash to a cliff near the runway.
The TNT detonates & Germans open fire.
Bullets zing the surface.
We scramble down the ropes to a waiting Norwegian fishing trawler.
Bullets pummel the water & rocks.
The ground shakes as the Amerikabomber explodes amid fuel & other weapons.
We head to a waiting German S Boat which takes us to a waiting Royal Navy destroyer to take us to England.

Project Amerikabomber is Finished.

Maj Steve Canyon Sr, USAAF,OSS & Tech Services

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