Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raid on Atlantis Pt 2

The prison camps are divided:
Womens camp fixes, cooks, grows the foods, mends clothing, medical aid for the both camps
Mens camp: Hard labor.
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
The Japanese run both camps.
Both use the river for cleaning, laundry, etc..
Men & women shower together to save water.
Women work topless in the heat.
Men are clothed for the crystal mines below.
Around the camp is a bubbling oil pool thats used for oil & gasoline.
Jungle surrounds the camps.
Hidden guard towers surround camps aside perimeter towers.

Tunnel below leads to remains of Atlantis lost city & soceity.

Below, Atlantians examine the Type 20 U Boat or XXI U Boat.
& inadvertenly sent off a sonar pulse.

Miles away a US DD picks up the signal & contacts Norfolk Naval base.
The crystal cavern underwater"projects" the sonar pulse for miles, 800 miles radius or more.
The US replies by sending a new Type XX1 U Boat captured near NewFoundland & renovated to US sub stds named the USS  Blueshark SS 308.
The US sub has fwd & aft tubes, mine laying gear, diver airlock, fwd mini 8mm deck gun, EW array
& side & fwd scan sonar.
& carried a supersonic V1 missile.

Working in the mines we mine crystals for use to make bigger crystals for heat & power.
The SS oversees the Japanese labor ops.
Meanwhile, we plan our escape to the U Boat.

The Atlantians live by & in the sea totally, they swim nude all the time.
They dress for surface use, some are Mermaids.
The cityscape is 1/2 surface, 1/2 submerged amid ruins, rubble, landslides.

The USS Blueshark & escort DD DE head to the Island FIX for the sonar signal.

US B17s & PBYs & B35 Flying Wings scour the skies for the Island.

& we race a German surface support unit to same Island.

For R&R the women swim nude with the Atlantian men.
Atlantian women Amazon swim with we Men.

Meanwhile Germans are building a Crystal Laser device to strike the US from this island.

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