Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thunderwolf Pt 3

In our earphones, we hear DeDe screaming & fighting the baddies. But for us, our luck changed & we have a souped up Hueycobra chasing us firing its guns.
Bullets rake the fueslage & canopy.
We dive to evade the Hueycobra in the jungle treetops.
We no longer hear DeDe.
Luckily a RAMBO FORCE Hueycobra rises up to counter the other Hueycobra & the air battle begins.
We head to the airfield & we race from the T6 Texan.
Our videos sent to a secure file in Yuma AZ FT Hua center.
 Meanwhile my pilot makes a phone call.

I race to the hotel to find the room in ruins.

Luckiily they cant use the laptop.

Then all goes black as Im hit overthe head.

Blood soaks my fatigue jacket (Navy SEAL Vietnam colors).

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