Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raid on "Atlantis", Part 1.

(disclaimer: Honor WW2 veterans & examine WW2 could have gone with new tech etc then planned etc)

Im Steve Canyon Sr & this is my sea tale:

Serving with the OSS Im assigned a US merchent ship in the Caribbean, but a Type 20 U Boat stalks our ship & we're sunk, luckily we escape on our lifeboats & liferafts.
My Caribbean mission is Secret & we were a US merchent ship with NO major visible deck cargoes.

Timeline: Oct 1942.

The Type 20 is one Nazi Germanys Kriegsmarine new U Boats.

Armed with 20mm & sail mounted machine guns fwd & aft &recessed mini 88mm fwd deck gun for major surface action, & her 30 torpedoes, shes a deadly mix,

We come onboard the U Boat finding her in a fogbank.

We surprise the U Boat crew & take over the sub having some crew leave by liferaft for later rescue.

Meanwhile Search & Rescue PBY Martins scour the seas for our ship aside B29 Recon birds.

Little, did we know the Germans planned this to seize the city of Atlantis.

We head south toward Bimini.

Odd sonar sounds occur around the sub.

The sub shakes & heaves in the seas yet the seas denote calmness.

We enter a huge tunnel carved from the sea.

Looking into the periscope I see some strange undersea craft following us.

Then we surface into this hidden underground grotto cavern amid some odd strange submarine craft & odd warriors.

Being in then Bermuda Triangle, our planes cant Find US.

The Germans head to the arms locker &grab the guns & we're all prisoners.

A nordic Blonde Amazon Queen & entourage meets us at the pier.

Weapons & costumes date to 1500 BC era.

Meanwhile, German Naval forces send units onto this Island for occupation.

Taken prisoner, we meet Ishea SS She Devil who oversees the POW camp.

She divides men from women.

Its the Caribbean & its Hot & humid in this locale.

The SS forces take us to the jungle camp above Atlantis city.

Our ordeal begins.

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