Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raid On Castle Condor Part 1

(Disclaimer: Honoring WW2 era vets worldwide (Axis & Allies) & to examine WW2 in the What if Tech category:)

Im Steve Canyon Sr & this is my tale during WW2:

Flying in with some British & Austrian SAS, we fly over the E Czech border in our JU 52 transport plane with bubble turret with 2 MG 42 machine guns over the high mtn passes, we see the GO Light & proceed to jump from the plane.

As we land, we grab our gear & head for the nearest farmhouse for our base.

Its winter, cold & icy, this fine Nov 1943.

The next day, we head to our objective: Castle Kondor.

From our vantage point we see Castle Kondor:

Its about 6K feet high on a mtn peak, built in the 1300s.

A cable car station connects castle to the valley below & the castle has some unique features:

V1 rocket launcher rail bunkers dug into the mtnside

V2 missile silo

Airfield for prop & jet aircraft.

Radio array

Newest Radar.

various AA Guns around castle.

& in the valley below these:

POW camp

German Alpine Korp camp.

& RR depot to the nearest Death camp for labor from the northwest near Poland

& the local town & farms.

We blend into the local scenery.

We contact our 2 agents to get them into the castle.

Our 2 ladies speak fluent German & English & one Russian.

We tell me the storyline for thier act.

4 days later, to keep the Germans occupied, a squadron of B25Gs & RAF Mosquitoes strike the area, causing panic (more into our favor).
Those raids do these: Keep our unit intact (morale wise) & show Stalin we care about our Russian allies & keep Germans off balance for the D Day mission ahead.

German radar then pickups on US B35 Flying wing bombers modified with B17G noses & carrying P38 Parasite fighters for defense.

The raids work & we head back to our Plans to invade the castle.

We become "common labor" to acess the huge cable cars to the main castle station high above.

Our real objective: Free POWs (side mission) BUT Find some allied officers taken captive from our move into Austria who have the D Day plans.

Problem: we have some spy & traitor in our midst.

Our radio only works sparingly & then in Good weather.

We had to forge ID, when we lost our ID packet in the jump.

& meanwhile our problems got worse, the castle airfield now hosts these German planes:
Me 262.

Junkers Ju 287,

Sqdn of FW 190s.

New Gyrocopter Unit.

Me P1108 jet bombers,

Blohm Voss P188 jet bomber.

& All for striking Russia to the east, about 40 miles away from castle.

But back to the castle, it has these elements:

SS Center

Prison Center for VIP prisoners.

Weapons lab

Radar center

AA Gun Control

V1 Missile Control

Underground RR Depot for trains.

nearby underground plant ( Mittlewerks 2).

& reusing old medevil torture jails for SS/Gestapo use.

V2 missile silo & launch bunker for missile strikes on London & Moscow.

Welcome to Castle Hell Kondor.

We don our gear & head to the cable car station in the town below.

Suddenely, we're surrounded by SS forces & Alpine Korp.

The women are left alone with no contacts in the castle.

Meanwhile Russian B29s plan raid on castle.

Castle Kondor is unique sited:


The farthest Eastern region of nation
Facing Russia, Poland, Romania.
Yet in air time close to our bases in Italy for strikes

We get into castle via guarded cable car to main castle depot & then to our cells.

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