Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thunderwolf, part 1

Thunderwolf is a next gen combat supercopter following on from the famed Airwolf copter flown by then the late Stringfellow Hawke & allies.
This copter has other follow ons for various markets:" Redwolf, Blackwolf, Cutlasswolf " (Naval use) .

But Thunderwolf has these features:
noiseless main rotor for Silent ops.
Night vision.
weapons bay
nose sensor & cannon.
dual mode engine for rotory & for jet.
& can accomodate a ducted trail fan rotor.

Im agent Cody West arriving in Tombstone AZ for a unique meeting in the cityspace.
I later meet De De Gordon (who like her great great granddad is a Master at disguises) &
I drive a 1962 Vette overa 2004 Vette chassis & engine, she drives a 2010 Camaro coupe.

We arrive at the Morgan Diner & head to a pvt room, we close the door & another door opens up & we take a elevator into the depths.

We arrive in what is Tombstones area mine & meet our hosts: US Army, NATO, US Air Force,
US Marines &; BP ICE.

The meeting room is Hi Tech & hidden with global acess.

We see videos of Thunderwolf in action, until said video shows Thunderwolf heading south X the border.

Someone stole Thunderwolf

We arrive back at the surface to see the city wild with life for its OK Corral event.

Among the crowd some Mexican Mafia types spy us.

With Tombstone so near the border, its make a very dangrous place with X border violence.

We dine on local fare: Huevos rancheros, rice, salsa, juce &; muffins & head to my great grand dads ranch (in the West family).

Our ranch has a Camp Geronimo to aid At risk kids & those with cancer to experience Farm/Ranch living.

At the ranch, we gear up for horse rides & Jeep ride into the desert.
The BP allows US the OK to track the copter.
Our weapons are: Glock 21, Colt 45 ACP, Colt 44 Magnum, M4 assult rifle, Mac 10, 357 Magnum,
FIE shotgun assult, Mace, Taser, pepper spray, knives, &; ammo.

We drive Little Nellie into the desert me &De De.

Overhead a plane from Sky King Ranch overflies our route for escort.

Apache guides follow on horseback to our sides.

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