Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Steal the Stark Suit, Part 3

Embedded within my wrist I push the GPS tracker & soon warplanes buzz the area searching for us.
Israeli artillary begins to pound the area with shells, the terrorists scramble, we escape amid machine gun bullets, rockets.
We hed to the sea & find the MI6 agents awaiting with returning fire on the Islamic terrorists.
We board the Zodiacs & head to the HMS Duke of Bedford cruiser offshore.
We then head to Spain & the Atlantic ocean area.

Meanwhile onboard, I try a Naval War Suit on & do some wargaming with MI6 & Royal Navy ASW techs.
The suit can provide a mini bubble to hide me while submerged.
The microtech in the suit is amazing.
Cost to Mass produce about 10M X 800 suits.
Plus spares, parts, backups.

The model used is the Armys Land Warrior Project which Stark has Army Warsuit developed.

The suit is being tested by the GI Joe Command & Spec Forces Green Berets worldwide.

Stark Industries stock rose 450% alone.

The Bruce WayneFdn coordinates hiring applicants for the Stark suit project & finding test pilots for his suits.

In the water the suit is like wearing nothing & yet Im warm for deeper depths.
On land with suit its somewhat awkward.

Other agencies in this suit venture IE seeking are:
Russian Fed Security
Cuban Secret Service
Dubai Intelligence
Federal States Int Bureau (worldwide group-non govt).
Russian Mob
Chinese Tongs
Mex drug gangs.
Nation of Islam.
WASP- World Aquatic Sub Patrol.
so we have lots of competition.

I use the suit & can dive to a meeting US nuclear sub & hitch a ride on the sub behind the sail with ease.

I detach from sub & head to the HMS Duke of Bedford above.

Overhead satellites track the suit & me worldwide & send data to Stark Ind Hqs CP.

A WASP Stingray sub escorts the Duke of Bedford & the VA class nuke sub to the Atlantic.

We board a RN jetcopter & head to Gibralter for  a trip to No Croatia ( we found the bidding site for the suit).

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