Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Herculite Affair

Being summoned to a major meeting, I board my Ferrari Halo Interscepter & dock to the Jetcopter mate module & commence my flight to No LA CA area- Santa Barbara

I fly over the PCH1 & rural farmlands to the meeting site. I ask why Here, Nice but why here.
Soon other jetcopters fly with me to same locale.
We land & I detach from my Jetcopter module.
Limosuines appear & I cant drive my own car into the meeting.
Im agent Cody West.
We board the streach limos & head out.
Im the limos we have a TV briefing about NIMR:
We're told about a rash of break ins, strange cars in the area, locks unlocked, strangers roaming around NIMR Hqs, & the Main science lab broken into.

We stop at a Hwy overpass & above us some painter paints a delta shape on the roof.
We head out.
We drive miles north & east into the area around Santa Barbara.
Suddenley black gunships appear & commence strafing our convoy.
Rear Adm Crane grabs his 45 Colt & I my Glock commence firing back.
Our motorcade escort is hit.
Our drivers commence Evasive action.
Bullets zing the car & the hills.

Luckily Thunderwolf swoops down & opens fire on the black gunships, shooting one down.

We arrive at some estate area.

We head to the bar to drink to release the strafing incident & head to meeting.

On the main Video, we hear from the kin from late Adm Nelson.
At this meeting among us are:
Reps for
Bill Gates
Richard Branson
Wayne Adv Systems Industries
Stark Industries
Northrop Grumman- built Harriman Nelson
Chief Naval Ops
Costeau Soceity
Shipyard IndAssoc
Eco groups miscl.

But anyone can do the sabotage at NIMR.

On a huge HD TV, we the see the effects of 'corrupt' Herculite:

A CG sub dives to X depth & beings to vaprorize into the depths since some virus "eats" the Herculite.

Our Mission:
Find the mole, save the formula & return to NIMR Vaults.

Our meeting ends & we leave peacefully.

My Limo takes me to the new SSRN Harriman Nelson sub.

Undergoing sea trials, I board with extra security.

Capt Sean Crane tells me that the Nelson has 'posotive' Herculite IE undamaged Herculite.

We had out to Sea.

I gaze into & out  the massive O Nose bow fwd as we head into the seascape.

We dive & I see our old LA class escort sub to our Pt side.

Above  is a Spruance class DD for surface recon.

But as we dive, unknown to us, some faulty Herculite was used to fix some leak in the pt Torpedo Room.

The formula has the correct data for posotive Herculite.

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