Sunday, May 9, 2010

Op War of the Worlds Pt 2/ Saucer of Navarone

We head to Gibralter UK base & board a Flying boat to Cairo via Morocco & Tunisia into Egypt.
We spend 2 days in Cairo for R&R, this is before the Battle of the Bulge begins
Later, we board a modified British sub the HMS Surprise under Capt Aubrey Hornblower, & what makes this sub unique is the Type XX1 sail merged onto the hull.
The Type XX1 is Germanys newest U Boat type.
We have our meeting in a bunker in Cairo:
Mission: Find & Recover a manned Nazi flying saucer & take craft to the US.

We board the sub & head to the Greek islands, among thousands.

We head to Navarone & scan the island for activity.

Since the prior Commando team blew up those immense guns, the Germans retook the island & turned the then gun port bunker into a hanger for Xtreme Luftwauffe aircraft.
Greek resistence tells us about how the whole Island is rearmed since the Navarone raid of Jan 1942.
This is Dec 1944.

In the wardroom, we examine maps & photos of the island base, its huge:

Reinstalled AA guns & radar
New airfield
Expanded bunker into ex main Gun bunker area.
Dome camoflouged hangers
miscl hangers.
Tiger tank SS unit
S Boats
& ringed by minefield.
2 runways.
Labor camp
3 villages for support logistics from Greeks etc.
SS Jail
U Boat pen for 3 subs.
& we also spy Horten flying wing fighters & medium bombers amid Fw 190s, Me 262s,
BF 109, Ju88, Ju52, V1 missiles, autogyro copters, miscl planes& then those huge disc shaped vehicles- the Prize.

We arrive at host Island, about 100 miles from Navarone target, & we swim from sub to the host Island.

On the beach, we meet Greek resistence fighters & we have 1 week to 'blend in'.

I & some Greek Croat girl swim nude in the ocean away from the village & explore old Greek ruins near the seaside & as do the other men & native women as cover.

We don Greek clothing & hide our weapons: Grease guns, MP40 machine pistols, MP44 assult rifle, Sten submachine gun, Tanker BAR, carbine, Mauser rifle with scope, grenades, tear gas.

We examine the saucer plans for Entry into said craft for Escape.

Our team will fly the saucer away & OR the other team will escape by Greek fishing boat to Island.

Dec 16th, we board our fishing craft to Navarone since the island supports the garrison with food & supplies, we blend into the local scenery.

Meanwhile the Germans blitz our boys in Bastogne this day in Northern Europe.

The UFO pilot is Dr Benton Quest, who helped plan saucer pre Nazi takeover.

The Germans resupplied Island with plant to build 2,3 saucers via convoys from Venice & Yugoslavia & So Italy pre Allied takeover into the island.

Locals tell of huge Flying Boats & cargo convoys heading to Island after initial raid blew the guns.

We pass German customs into the island & head to a village before the main raid.

Next day, we scour the base to find the saucer hanger/s & the saucers.

But then a Me110 strafes us & we dive for cover.

Bullets whiz off the rocks, sand.

Damn it, Who knew we were Here?

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