Sunday, May 2, 2010

Voyage to Atlantis 2, Raid on Atlantis Finale

The sub is rocked by these organic errie stingray style subs emitting sonic beams.
Seaview fires her torpedoes & disrupts the alien subs.

But why strike here when are just nearing Greenland?

We scan videos of those subs & then scan old fuzzy pics from the USS Blueshark & both subs are the same.
Anchient Atlantian subs sailing Today, source of those Unidentified Submerged  Objects from years past?

In the Wardroom, we get Flash message that World Securities Corp is underwriting case for donor X to make sure we find those 'crystals'.

The flash includes we surface for a passenger, & we break into a icefield & above us a ducted  rotory
Thunderwolf lowers our guest to the aft hatch, the wind howls in this Arctic weather.

Our guest reveals himself to be World Securities Probe agent Nick Bianco.

Seaview resubmerges & heads south at 90 knots speed, grazing icefloes above.

Meanwhile the British & US Navy & WASP forces set up a Task Force to aid our mission.

Soon we get into our routine aboard Seaview.

The whole sub crew is Multiethnic but all ex submariners: Russians, Chinese, Germans, British, Thai,
Aussies, Indians E, Malay, Canadaians, Italians on our sub.

The updated SOUSS array picks up odd sonar signals from our search area.

We sail into Miami Harbor for final shore resupply & meeting.

Crowds & boats, etc line our entry to Miami Harbor as they did in Santa Barbara.

Overhead drone Helopods scout for security for Miami PD.

My mission is with Nick to guard those 'crystal/s' back to the US or UK.

I check the Seaviews armory & notice the assult rifles, grenades, pistols & ammo & other exotic weapons stored.

We smoke Cuban cigars in the O Nose as we leave port again for the open Ocean.

About 300 miles out, I & Nick & Flying Sub Tech First class Aubrey board the next gen Flying Sub to scout the area while the Seaview remains behind until needed.

Aubrey is the great X10 grandson to Cpt Aubrey & the HMS Suprise fom the Napoleonic wars.

We board the Flying Sub & ready for Launch, the lower midships hatch opens & we decend.
Aubrey engages the main engines & we race to the surface.
I look at the Seaview vanish from our aft camera on the Fwd Video panel HD TV.

"Seaview to FS3 Comm Check" we hear
Aubrey replies, "FS3 to Mother All Clear"

Unlike prior Flying Subs, we hit the surface & the sub automaticlly lowers its hydroplanes & we hydroplane across the surface at 95 mph.
Using SOUSS & satellites we plot our course over the depths.

Soon, sonar shows a signal & we decend, Aubrey pushes the joysticks fwd & we decend from Surface Speed Mode to Submergence mode.
We gaze a 180 arc fwd from the fwd viewplate & from midships & aft CCTV nodes.

We dive, deeper & deeper.

We suddenly find the USS Blueshark, riddled by some force, a wreck sunk since 1943.
Nearby the escort DE a total wreck.
& amid other ghostly hulks from eons past.

Suddenly we're trapped by a giant squid & taken into a huge undersea tunnel.

We surface amid a sunken Atlantis cityscape under the sea.

The Atlantians are hybrid race mixed with Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, Chinese, native Indian in one.
Women wear sarongs & bikinis, men wear chest plates & swimsuit briefs.
Near nudity is the game here.
Meanwhile, we're taken prisoner & find the earlier spy team from 1943 alive with the USS Blueshark crew.
Amazon women guard male prisoners.
We're stripped & wear swimwear briefs, ( Oh if DeDe saw me now).

Above us is that jungle island we enter via volcano chamber via many cavern tubes.
But the Atlantians have a crystal device to 'timeshift' the island from sight.

1000 mine the 'crystals' for the Atlantians.
We mine with picks, shovels, axes, fast moving hand drills & then early Chinese style explosives & tunelling rockets.
Atlantian timeline is 400 BC era.
At anytime we can get punished & daily jungle sex is the norm to keep the Amazon race strong.

Atlantian engineers pour over FS3.

Meanwhile Seaview picks up the FS3 GPS signal.

The Task Force Power Crystal follows suit above & 400 miles away from Seaview.

The island begins to quake & spew ash.
The Atlantians lost thier "timeshift" device & the Island is Fixed visible.
Drones overhead scour the island, sending data worldwide.

We knock out some guards & head to the FS3 taking some prisoners with us.
I grab a Uzi machine pistol & mow down some Amazons as we enter the FS3.
I toss a M14, M16 & M1 carbine out to the prisoners who begin to fire.
Explosions rock the huge cavern space & city.

We seal the hatch & dive, luckily the Atlantians just scanned but did NO damage to FS3.

Spears & explosive tipped spears hit the hull.

Amazons board those organic stingray subs & begin chase.

I spy some shaft & about 200 crystals natural rising to the seabed, I alert Aubrey, who decends & grabs a crystal with the FS3 fwd bow claw device & places crystal in underside hold.
The crystal weighs about 20 lbs.

Crystals appear all over the seabed amid 2K years of shipwrecks & ghosts leading to main shaft in Island core.

Rocket torpedoes hit FS3 from those subs & we fire back mini Subrocs.

WASP sub Stingray 9 dives & splits the chasers firing 180 arc spread at our foe.

Overhead planes drop torpedoes & mines seeeking those subs,

We finally see Seaview & redock.

Back aboard, we found out that we were gone for 15 years but felt like 15 hours.
That Atlantian timeshift device did effect everyone on the Island in subtle ways.
It made the chronometers off on all ships & subs.

From our scanning vidscope, we see the whole Island explode & sink into the Cayman Trench.

We have our crystal & stories behind its use & abuse.

Im given a honory NIMR Uniform for service & plaque.

World Securities & my agency now have formed an alliance.

Dr Benton Quest estds the Quest Marine Labs Fdn in Santa Barbara  aside his home in Key West.

End Mission.

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