Monday, May 31, 2010

Op War of the Worlds/ Saucer of Navarrone Finale

We escape the overhead patrol & head to the Greek village nearest the base (very well hidden with camo, landscaping, etc) Very hard to see from the air save low level.
Our last night & we make merry with the villagers on the beach, swimming, sunning, cigars, wine, love.
Next day we head to the base.
In the PM hours, we climb ropes to the base topside main bunkers.
MG ports &  cannon ports ring the outerside rock facing.
Soon we spy the Main Saucer Hanger that was the Main Battery for the Guns on the Island.
Catapults fling the saucers into the seaskyspace for flight.
But then SS units rake our Team with gunfire.
Damn IT, who knows about US being here.
(we have a Mole).

We escape the gunfire & are on the main base area.

The rectangular saucer hanger is very visible as are other odd devices outside.
Soon, we hear of a Recon Mosquito overhead & the soldiers erect  & aim some like radar dish up to the plane & a slim beam emits from the device & the Mosquito explodes.
Soon the SS agains open fire on US & my date this Greek Croatian woman comes out with the Nazis.
(so shes the mole).
I grab a Mauser sniper rifle from a dead German & steady the scope & Bang, shes dead.
More gunfire erupts.

Our team ( those alive) plant bombs in key areas : Huts, barracks, depots, on wierd flying wing V3 bombs,
missiles, & crystaline modules.
But Dr Quest urges we get Plans, specimens to bring to the US & we break out finding said plans, documents, etc even mini models & package them.
With the commotion, we head to the Main hanger.
Inside we see 2 Hannebuel saucers rigged for flight.
We shoot out with the guards & board the craft, the other Team takes the Tech docs to the Greek fishing boat & we meet back in Gibralter after the mission.

Inside the craft, we don the seat belts & strap in for flight as Dr Quest handles the controls.
Hitting a switch, the Hanger doors Open.
Suddenely, everyone feels weightless as we lift from the cradle & are launched into the skies.

On crude TV scanner, we the team in the Greek fishing boat heading to a S Boat to head to Spain via a RN sub.

But then a whole sqdn of German Flying wing fighters rise up to shoot us down.
The saucers force sheld shields us from bullets.
Dr Quest fires up the Tiger tank underside turret & fires some rounds & the fighters disperse.

Our speed: 800-1,200 mph.
The radio crackles, its homebase & we decend.

Our hideout is a remote Midlands castle in central England far from V2 strikes.
We decend into a huge cavernous hanger pit.
Mission Accomplished.

We rendevous in Gibralter & find out some of those Tech docs & parts of the saucer are to be used in these future projects:
TicToc Time Tunnel
Jupiter 2 Manned Space Colonization
Subshuttle train, some subway
Other manned saucers
Time & Space dimensional travel
Deep Space manned missions.

Later we hear of a Area 51 base opening up.

End Report

Major Steve Canyon USAF, TAC, Air Force Office of Intelligence.
Date 1963.

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